Some positives to take away from Cowboys vs. 49ers

I’m sure everybody felt the same Sunday; starting on the second play of the game, DeMarco Murray fumbled and the ball was returned to the house. As bad as it was, in order to try to enjoy the season, we must look at the positives, and there were many.

After fumbling on the first drive, Murray clocked over 100 yards on the ground. The offensive line opened holes and Murray’s punishing running style made the most of those opportunities.  Lance Dunbar got involved early, which showed a nice wrinkle but the game somewhat ran away from Dallas, and we saw less of him later in the game. With more game control perhaps Dunbar will get more opportunities.

On offense that was about it to take from this game.

The defense was supposed to be awful – the worst in NFL history – and it certainly looked that way after giving up 80 yards on 4 plays in under a minute and a half. It wasn’t that bad.

Rolando McClain balled, there was more pressure from the front that you would expect, and perhaps less obvious was J.J. Wilcox showing up around the ball looking to make the big hit to force the ball loose. Mincey, Melton, Coleman and Bishop all showed up.

There are things to take from this game, so keep positive, but it goes without saying that giving up 4 turnovers in the first half and not running the football inside the 5 will lead to these type of score lines.

What do you think?


Written by Ben McKeith

Dallas Cowboy fan born and bred in the UK. Been following the Cowboys since I was 5.


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