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If you happen to be lucky enough to know us, you could probably figure out why the name Staff Wars was chosen for our new series. We’ve joked about it before — as to who could play each character in Star Wars and we’ve pretty much got it covered. Hence the name Staff Wars.

Here It Is! Welcome To The First Edition Of Staff Wars

I’m just sitting here on my peaceful lonely island still having the thought that the Cowboys made a mistake by replacing . I’ve been defending him since he became the starter and I’m going to continue.

He might not have made the heroic drive to win, but he sure as hell didn’t lose the game either. He has completed 71 of 98 attempts for 739 yards — that’s a 7.5 average. For what it’s worth ’s average per attempt is 7.7.

Is everyone tired of the dink and dunk check down pass? Yep. Would you have rather had him throw it down the field to or ? Better yet, have you seen either one of them do anything?

The knew that neither Williams or Street could get open. So they simply took and out of the game. Which left Weeden nowhere to go with the ball, but the simple check down.

The has played up to par and the has down right sucked and oh ya, no . I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Cassel was available for a reason, he couldn’t win the starting job at Buffalo.

Cowboys Blog - Joseph Randle: Meat Off The Bone
Oct 19, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; (21) on the field before the game against the at . Dallas beat New York 31-21. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman- Sports

So what if starts against the Giants and throws for 325 yards with three interceptions and the Cowboys lose? Are we going to immediately call for to become the savior?

The Cowboys needed a spark, I know that. But, as I sit here on my lonely little island, I still believe that the Cowboys would've had just that — a spark — but on the defensive side of the ball.

This coming Sunday will be the first time that we hopefully see Hardy, Gregory, Lawrence and the rest of the get to rush the quarterback. Along with the starting linebacking core getting to play behind what could that very dominating group.

While I sit here on my lonely little island hoping to be proved wrong, only time will tell. Make sure to check back when Walter will make the case for why Cowboys definitely needed to make the switch to Cassel.

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ChrisEdmond d

Who ever wrote this story doesn’t know football. If Romo just threw 5 to 10 yard passed his rating would be higher. Romo goes out and wins games something Weeden just can’t do. The guy is 0-11 what part of that don’t you understand. In Cleveland he had receivers and and good defense and he still couldn’t get the job done. Weeden has been in the same offensive system for two years and is worse than last year. Are u forgetting that Weeden had Dez in the lineup last year against Arizona and what did he do. Crumble under pressure. So yes a change needed to happen. Quincy Carter was better than what Weeden is giving Cowboys Nation. I know the receivers and running backs need to do better but it is the quarterbacks job to make everyone e better and Weeden doesn’t do that either.