Welcome! So, you’re tired of seeing and — more importantly — loading ads on Inside The Star? Ads suck. We know.

Ads are slow, especially on mobile connections. They take up space and clutter the layout. And despite our best efforts, auto-playing videos seem to always find a way in. So, we’ve come up with an option to get rid of the ads.

Our loyal readers can now remove all ads while browsing ITS with ad-free subscriptions; we call it the Star Membership.

We’d love to just get rid of ads altogether, hence not even having them from 2009-2015, but we gotta keep the lights on somehow, right? The Star Membership is how.

If you’re anything like me, you despise ads(!), but you also know they are necessary and hate depriving your favorite sites of much-needed revenue with ad blockers. After all, the servers, software, and bandwidth that bring these sites to you aren’t free. Neither are the writers.

How Much is a Star Membership?

$4.21 a month. It’s automatically billed (renewed) via PayPal every month (until canceled). We use PayPal to ensure security, but your subscriptions can also be managed via PayPal, giving you the confidence of knowing that you’re in control.

The way we see it, and feel free to disagree here, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are big parts of the Dallas Cowboys’ future, and ad-free subscriptions are the future of publishing on the web. So, that’s our price, $4.21.

Star Membership subscriptions are not content subscriptions. No articles, images, audio, or video are paid for with a subscription. Membership is just a way for you to get your Cowboys updates faster and with a cleaner appearance. A subscription will not grant you access to premium or additional content of any kind. We don’t have so-called premium content because it’s free to all.

Think of an Ad-Free Subscription as a personal “Thank You!” to the writers you visit every day.

You can log into your account for ad-free reading on up to 5 devices in a 30-day period, so you can cover your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone without issue.

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Please note that you will be redirected to PayPal to securely complete the transaction. You will be returned to ITS after payment is complete.

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Lastly, whether you subscribe or not, I want to thank you for being a reader. Your support for what we do is incredible, and we honestly couldn’t thank you enough for your loyalty.

If you opt not to take advantage of a subscription or donation, don’t worry. ITS will not change if you continue using the site without a subscription. We’ll keep producing new content and you’ll keep seeing ads, like always. We just felt it was prudent for us to offer a little something more for those of you who prefer a more hands-on approach.