Steelers Show Cowboys What To Do

The key to the game this week will be can the Dallas defense get pressure on Jason Campbell. I took some time and went back and took a look at some highlights from the first meeting, as well as what the Steelers did against Washington 2 weeks ago. The most glaring thing that stands out is the lack of push by the interior of our defensive line. It appears as though they were getting man handled up front, but as I took a closer look I believe this was the scheme. I believe the coaching staff was concerned with Campbell’s ability to scramble. So they had the interior linemen hold their gaps as to not over pursue, this works great if you get pressure around the end. Unfortunately the only pressure we got around the end was from DeMarcus Ware, as Spencer was hurt, and Ellis was covering Santana Moss! I can assure you of this that will not be the game plan this time!

The last two years the Cowboys have had their armor exposed for everyone to exploit. Well now its time to return the favor! The Steelers have let everyone in on how to stop Jason Campbell (wow never thought I would ever utter those words). After watching the highlights of Washington’s game against Big Ben and the Steelers, it became very obvious that Campbell was very much like Brad Johnson with up the middle pressure. What the Steelers did exceptionally well was disguise where the blitzer or blitzers would be coming from. Many times the Steelers lined up two outside linebackers on one side confusing the Redskins tackles, allowing one to come completely free, forcing Jason Campbell to step up in the pocket. The problem was that the defensive tackle was taking on two blockers allowing the blitzing inside linebacker to come free as well leaving Campbell nowhere to run.

The formula has been established, follow thru is all that’s left. Here are the key players to make this happen; Jay Ratliff, Bradie James, Anthony Spencer, Greg Ellis, and DeMarcus Ware. I expect to see many snaps with Ellis, Spencer, and Ware all on the field at one time. Marcus Spears and Chris Canty can sure have a big impact on this game as well. The more these two guys can do the better Jay Ratliff can be. This approach not only needs to take place this weekend in Washington but the Cowboys will be in so much better shape if this practice will continue the rest of the year. We can talk forever about how much better this team is with Romo back, but if the defense does not step up its going to be all for not! Let’s hope Wade cuts them loose this week! Come on Boys we have faith in you!

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Written by Phillip Baggett


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