Sunday In New York Is Effectively The Last Road Game For The 2016 Cowboys

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We are in the first full week of December, and the Dallas Cowboys have already established themselves as one of the 12 teams who will be playing for football’s ultimate prize.

The Cowboys have locked up a playoff spot, but there’s more for them to secure before we call it quits on the regular season. To gain a better understanding of what the Cowboys need in Week 14, make sure you read our Week 14 Rooting Guide here at Inside The Star.

The next step for the Dallas Cowboys is a big-time test in New York on Sunday Night Football. The Cowboys are no strangers to primetime games, their Week 15 game against Tampa Bay was moved to SNF after all, and they are certainly familiar with winning on the road.

The 2016 iteration of the Dallas Cowboys are currently undefeated on the road (6-0). The 2014 squad went undefeated on the road in the regular season before losing in Green Bay during the Divisional Round (when Dez caught it). While they’re obviously well-experienced on the road and haven’t seen it impact them negatively… nobody wants to play on the road, right?

The good news for the Cowboys is that this Sunday’s game in New York is, for all intents and purposes, their last game on the road. Why? Walk with me:

  • Week 14: Cowboys IN New York.
  • Week 15: Cowboys AT HOME against the Buccaneers.
  • *Week 16: Cowboys AT HOME against the Lions.
  • *Week 17: Cowboys IN Philadelphia.

Why do the final two weeks of the regular season have asterisks? I’m glad you asked! If the Cowboys win their next two games they’ll lock up everything possible (Division, Bye, Home-Field). If they don’t get the job done by Week 15, well hey they get one more shot at home to do it in Week 16. The point here is that Week 17, and potentially Week 16, will be meaningless as far as advancing our cause.

While the Week 17 game is in Philadelphia, the fact that it’s meaningless means just that – it has no meaning. This game will very likely not be one that requires a win, rendering it moot on the season (I discussed how playing Tony Romo in a game like this is a terrible idea right here). Obviously we have high hopes and aspirations for this team and season, which means that we want them to be playing in the Super Bowl. The cool thing about this year’s big game, Super Bowl LI, is that it is being played in Houston, TX. What does all of this mean?

After Sunday’s Game In New York Every Single Game That Carries Importance For The Dallas Cowboys Will Be Played In The Lone Star State.

As the incomparable Tim Riggins would say… Texas, Forever.

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