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Sunday Morning Wishlist: DAL Cowboys @ NY Giants

When the play the , the hype can be felt. There's something about this that makes your regular game day even more special. Even though the Giants are a two-win team, it's one of those games that can't be taken for granted. 

On top of that, is the fact that the Cowboys must win out in order to have a chance at playing in the . There are quite a few reasons why should be very excited for this football game. For a few hours, we'll be able to forget about every combination needed around the league to earn a Wildcard spot, and just worry about what's going on on the field.

With all of that being said, let's get into this week's Cowboys' Wishlist!

Wish #1: Dak Prescott Shines for the First Time VS Giants

A Cowboys Win vs Giants Can't Be Taken For Granted 1
Dallas Cowboys QB Tim Heitman- Sports

Recently, Kevin Brady wrote about how Dak Prescott must overcome his struggles versus the Giants. It's been an impressive career for Prescott so far, and despite having some issues this season, I still believe he's the future of this franchise.

After struggling quite a bit with his rivals the first three times he faced them, with the Cowboys being in win-or-go-home mode, now would be the perfect time to see him step up.

New York may be 2-10, but there's no denying their matches up pretty well against Dallas' . And don't forget, isn't playing this time so it'll be quite the challenge for Dak. Let's hope he shows us what he's made of.

Wish #2: DeMarcus Lawrence Succeeds Despite Missing David Irving

The Cowboys won't be playing with some key players, the most notable being . Between him and Lawrence, Dallas has found something special in the department. In just eight games, Irving has managed to sack opposing quarterbacks seven times.

Unleashing DeMarcus Lawrence A Priority For Rod Marinelli

This week though, 95 won't be on the field.

That means all eyes will be on D-Law as they get ready to face a below-average . Lawrence should still be able to find success in the sack department without Irving. At least, he did so in week 1, when Irving was serving his . I wish that's the case again and  90 ends up with more than one sack today.

Wish #3: Morris Exceeds 100 Yards Once Again

had his first dominant performance of the year starting at the RB position last Thursday against the Redskins. It was a good sign for a football team that still has two more games to go without Zeke and they could use a solid when they line up against the Giants' defense.

Obviously, this isn't all about Morris though. The offensive line must look like it did last week, dominating the trenches. didn't practice all week, but he's expected to be ready to play.

If the Cowboys are able to establish the run game early, they'll be able to keep pounding the football in the second half controlling the time of possession. That made the difference last week, and it should make the difference again.

Wish #4: Hitchens and Lee Dominate Giants' Rushing Attack

Sean Lee, Giants We all know how good is at football, but have you seen lately? He's been amazing. He has become one of the most important players on the defense and I can't wait to see what he can accomplish with the General on the field at the same time.


The Giants have only five games with more than 100 rushing yards this season, and they haven't been able to cross that mark since week 11.

I wish that this defense – led by Lee and Hitchens – is able to stop the rushing game in New York and hold it under 60 yards.

Wish #5: No Vets, No Problem: Rookie DBs Defend the Pass

With benched and injured, the Cowboys are expected to start three rookies at CB. When you think about it, this was probably the plan all along. That's why they went all-in for DBs in the Draft after letting lots of guys walk out during .

Even still, it is kind of scary to play three rookie when facing a veteran like . That's why my fifth and final wish of the week features this group of guys who must step up if the Cowboys are going to take home the seventh win of the year.

As always, I encourage you to add your wishes in the comment section below!

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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