Surely Not!!!

Have you heard the latest rumor? Word around town is that the Cowboys are exploring the idea of a trade with the Miami Dolphins to acquire the first overall pick in the draft! Sounds like a great idea right! WRONG,WRONG,WRONG !!!! It seems as though the major component to this trade is Marion Barber. Has Jerry lost his f**king marbles! or is he simply making another Jerry move?

I like most people have thought Marion Barber should be the guy next year. He brings something to the table that the Cowboys sorely need ANGER!! He is the most angry, mean back I have seen. Why then would you even contemplate doing such a thing as trading him away? Well this story runs deeper than X’s and O’s. Mr. Barber is a restricted free agent this year which means the Boys are going to have to pony up to keep him! You couple this with Jerry’s itch to have a Razorback as the featured back in Dallas and what you end up with is a man going against his better judgement just to satisfy his personal feelings.

I believe that Mr. McFadden will be a nice Pro player. I do not however believe he is worth mortgaging the future of this team for! How can you put so much faith into someone who in most of his collegiate games was on the bench at the end of the game!! Don’t get me wrong the kid can play but he spent as much time playing quarterback as he did running back so which position is he going to play? Is Tony Romo’s job in jeopardy?

Jerry you have done some wonderful things in Dallas (and some really stupid things) but don’t throw it all away for this f**king guy! All you have to do is just add a few pieces here and there to what you already have. I know its been awhile since you made a big splash with something but give me a f**king break!!

I sure hope that this is just rumor not only for me but for the rest of Cowboys Nation!!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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