Taco Charlton Embraces Challenge of Competition with Tyron Smith

NFL Rookie Minicamps are a strange time in the offseason process. Yes, our new toys from football Christmas get broken in, but their work – in this case from The Star – hardly resembles the football action that we’ll still be starved for after the weekend.

On top of this, it seems that there is still not much buzz in Cowboys Nation about the 28th overall pick Taco Charlton, despite his ability to fill an immediate need as a prototypical, big-school pass rushing prospect the Cowboys have targeted in recent successful drafts.

Charlton is embracing his opportunity to be the right defensive end Dallas needs him to be if the play from their defensive line will improve, along with the challenge that comes on the other line of scrimmage with this.

“I’m going against the best left tackle in the NFL every day,” is what Taco Charlton had to say about his match up with Tyron Smith that is sure to be heated throughout the summer. Smith, a first round pick in his own right, is just one of Dallas’ offensive linemen with a lot invested in him – performing above expectations even as a top selection.

Draft picks on the defensive line – often more “shots in the dark” by the Cowboys in later rounds – have not worked nearly as well in recent history, but Charlton hopes to quickly change this.

Possessing all of the traits, along with the Jason Garrett patented RKG attitude that aided in the Head Coach pounding the war room table for Taco’s services, to be a solid base LDE with the versatility to kick inside.

The only way the Cowboys know how to mold their 2017 first round pick into the player they need is through competition, and it doesn’t get much better than letting Taco Charlton work against Tyron Smith to #EarnTheStar.

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Written by Sean Martin

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