Takeaway Tuesday: Cowboys’ Issues Underrated, Coaching Must Improve

    It wasn't easy to watch. The Falcons beat the by 20 points, handing its fourth loss of the season. Without a doubt, this is probably the worst loss of the year for this football team.

    You could argue the blowout at Denver felt worse at the moment, but last Sunday's defeat could've killed the hopes we all had on the 2017 Cowboys.

    Now at 5-4, with a few teams rising and competing for the Wildcard spots, Dallas has almost no room for error. In a season where they need to win just about every single game left on their schedule, the Cowboys will miss , , and for a few weeks.

    After the Falcons game, a huge part of was left with a lot of questions. Just like in every loss and every victory, it's important to learn from experience.

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    Here is this week's edition of Takeaway Tuesday.

    Without Sean Lee, Winning is Impossible

    We were all concerned about not counting on Ezekiel Elliott to be on the field for a long time and now, it seems like the least of the concerns in the heads of Cowboys fans… and rightfully so.

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    Once again, the Cowboys will have to play without the guy who is arguably their most valuable player after .

    Sean Lee's Absence Leaves Huge Hole

    Without Lee, this crumbles completely and with reports stating that the team expects their LB to miss the next three games, things are not even close to being “promising.” We've seen what happens when Lee isn't healthy.

    has proven many times now that he isn't ready to be playing starter snaps in the NFL yet, but the Cowboys may not have a choice. Probably, LB should be a top need for this team in 2018.

    Tyron Smith Is Even More Valuable Than What We Thought

    Well, let me start off by apologizing. Before Sunday's game, I wrote about how would do fine for the Cowboys in Atlanta. Clearly, I was more than wrong.

    In 2016, Chaz Green filled in for Tyron Smith in two games. One versus the Bears, the other against the 49ers. Green proved capable of doing a decent job covering the LT position and naturally, I thought he could pull it off.

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    I'm sure I wasn't the only fan who thought of this, which is why not many fans were that preoccupied with 77's .

    But, you know the story. Dak Prescott ended up being sacked eight times in total, and six times by . To add perspective, Clayborn is only the fourth player in NFL  to record at least six in a single game.

    If Smith isn't ready to go next Sunday, it will be a long day for Dak Prescott, for didn't do a good job either.

    Coaching Must Improve

    Jason GarrettI always hesitate to blame after a team loses. And I won't put the blame exlcusively on them, because that would be wrong. At the end of the day, they were missing their All-Pro , their defense centerpiece, their super and their star .

    However, there're things this could've done to change things up.

    For starters, Chaz Green should've left that field way before he did.

    But why didn't they at least lend him a hand by sending the RB or a TE to block with him every passing play? Why not change your personnel groups when you're not working offensively? Why not try to roll Dak out a few times? Why keep giving the Falcons' receivers the amount of cushion this did?

    I'm not a hater. But sometimes it feels like this coaching staff is too stubborn to change things up in a game to try to turn things around.

    Dak Prescott Is Still Playing Great Football

    On a positive takeaway, I wanted to mention Dak Prescott.

    Every time a football team loses, most of the people will blame the coaches and the . Surely, that was the case this Sunday for Prescott even though he was sacked eight times and pressured just about… every play of the game.

    But, man, is Dak Prescott impressive. In more than a couple of plays, Dak did some impressive plays.

    It's difficult to compliment a QB when he was only able to lead his to a TD in a 21-yard drive. However, this loss falls on Green's shoulders.

    When he wasn't pressured, and even in moments in which he was, Dak shined and had a lot of amazing plays. Unfortunately, his performance wasn't reflected on the scoreboard or on his team's performance.

    Cowboys Woes Are Bigger Than We Realized

    Let's take a look at some facts…

    • The Cowboys started the season 2-3.
    • The have only lost one game all season.
    • The Cowboys lost Dan Bailey, Sean Lee (twice) and Tyron Smith to injuries.
    • Ezekiel Elliott is currently serving a six game .

    As Cowboys fans, we always have hope on this Cowboys football team. And after winning three in a row, things were looking good. We overlooked the fact that Ezekiel Elliott was suspended and that Tyron Smith would miss a game to a lingering injury.

    We thought “We'll be fine, this team is awesome.” I think we were right to feel that way.

    Conspiracy Theory: NFL Referees Are Out To Get Cowboys?
    Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

    Now, things have changed. Little by little, we're realizing that we were underrating the issues surrounding the Cowboys. To be honest, I would be impressed if this team makes it to the if Sean Lee and Tyron Smith continue to miss games.

    Once again, the adversity that the Cowboys are facing is huge. They're sitting at 5-4, in the hunt for a Wildcard spot. No Zeke, no Lee, no Bailey and possibly no Smith. As they get ready to host the Eagles next Sunday Night, things are not what Cowboys Nation wanted.

    Having said that, the Dallas Cowboys are my biggest passion, and I won't ever stop rooting for them. Win, lose, or tie, Dallas Cowboys for life!

    Mauricio Rodriguez
    Mauricio Rodriguez
    I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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    Matthew Mabrey

    by the title picture on this article the refs missing 5 obvious facemask calls needs to improve….

    Mauricio Rodriguez

    Yup, definitely.

    Ruben Aguilar

    Time for a new coaching staff. Jason Garrett has had plenty of time going 13-3 a few times and just can’t get us over that hump. Our coaching staff doesn’t adjust properly and Chad was getting eaten up but as a coach you would have helped him.


    He didn’t got 13-3 until they brought 3 former HC’s in basically do his job for him…… It’s not only time for him to go he shouldn’t have gotten the job to begin with…. but Al Davis Jr will defend him they’ll blame this season on missing players and the circus will go on meanwhile they are wasting yet another somewhat talented team on a guy that they call a “HC”……It’s pretty obvious the owner cares nothing about fans..why? Because like lemmings they just keep bringing him their cash..

    Mauricio Rodriguez

    I’d de open to changing the coaching staff, although I don’t necessarily think they should fire Garrett. But it’s an intriguing situation and will likely be a cool story once the offseason is around.


    This organization is a joke. Not geared towards winning …geared towards $$$$$..winning is just a bonus. They need a REAL HC, but they refuse to do anything about it. The same sound bites over and over again yet nothing changes…. They have NO idea how to develop players …matter of fact they had a PERFECT opportunity to turn one of the three first round running backs into more draft picks but they didn’t trade any of them….. instead they stock pile players while their lack of decent backups shows yet again….. they put all their eggs in one basket ‘hoping’ it’s enough. So let me refresh….Lack of a real coaching staff compounded by no depth…. equals…..they’ll be watching from home again….. so 22 years later and still nothing…. that should tell the fans that the owner really doesn’t care about winning……


    Dude you’re just now realizing all of this? Lmao…
    Dallas Cowboys in a nut shell…
    Few mediocre seasons… followed by a terrible season… obtain a last place division schedule… win division with 12-4,13-3 record… lose first playoff game…
    Next season mediocre… followed by mediocre season… followed by terrible season… obtain last place schedule…. go 12-4,13-3 following season… lose first playoff game….

    ITS BEEN THIS WAY FOR 20+ years! They WASTED Tony Romos career!
    The guy was so exciting to watch and such a breath of fresh air after years of failed miserable qbs after Troy…. he deserved a better orginization to support him


    Anytime your Head Coach CLAPS after a penalty against his own team there is something seriously Wrong. He may come from a Coaching Family but they are all Mediocre. His father went 0-10 at Columbia, 39-11-1 at Susquehanna University. On Jasons watch as QB Coach the Dolphins was 13-19. QB’s had 41TD’s and 42 INT’s. Somehow he became a Offensive Coordinator after this.

    Mauricio Rodriguez

    It was ridiculous.