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Takeaway Tuesday Thanksgiving Edition: Cowboys Done for the Season?

Every week, two days after each game, I write “” here at . Since most games are played on Sundays, the “Tuesday” bit is usually true. However, as every year, Dallas played on Thursday while we celebrated . That's why you're reading this on a Saturday.

But that isn't the only reason why this week's edition of Takeaway Tuesday is different. Normally I point out around five takeaways regarding specific players or positions. This time though, I thought of sharing some general takeaways about the Cowboys as a team in a moment in which I know most fans are feeling down and want to talk about it.

Jerry Jones "Absolutely Not" Considering Cowboys Coaching Changes 1
Dallas (Louis DeLuca/The )

Cowboys Are Done for the Season

No, not mathematically. But even as a very optimistic fan, it's only fair to assume that this football team isn't making the this year. Forget for a second that and are a big reason why this team is 5-6. Even if they are.

The truth is, this isn't a good football team. It does have a lot of future and a lot of talent in the form of young players. Even still, there're a lot of things to work on and a lot of talent to add in different positions.

Even with back, we don't know when Sean Lee will return, and with Elliott out for another three weeks, I'm not buying into the idea of this team running the table. Hell, I'd be surprised if they get to nine wins, if I'm being honest.

Underestimating Problems Has Been Killing This Team

Throughout the season, a lot of problems popped up for this Dallas Cowboys football team. And it seems that a lot of these issues were underestimated by the staff and the .

First of all, let's take a look at . Recently, I wrote about how linebacker should be one of the Cowboys' top needs next offseason even with Sean Lee and on the roster. Being to hopeful about Smith for instance, probably kept the Cowboys away from drafting another LB earlier this year.

The lack of depth at the position is a big reason why this team has under-performed without Lee on the field.

Should Cowboys Cut Ties With Alfred Morris Or Darren McFadden?
Dallas Cowboys Credit: Geoff Burke- Sports

Same for the RB position. Before Ezekiel Elliott was suspended, we all thought more or less the same thing: “Good thing we have such a solid running back committee.”

Well, although is still a promising player for all of , the Cowboys haven't been able to be efficient at the in three games without Elliott. Remember, it's not all about stats, (Alfred Morris ran for more than 90 yards versus the Eagles).

With Zeke, opposing defenses fear this rushing attack. But why would you fear a guy like Morris on third down and one yard to go?

This Team is Full of Needs

A team that was supposed to be a contender this season, is really a team that has a whole damn lot of needs. Usually, we talk about how many defensive help the Cowboys need. But this year, it's not only about finding the next premium pass rusher or the next shut-down corner.

With an that's losing its identity week after week, Dallas really needs to be in the WR market. And I mean in the top rounds. This WR group isn't  the threat we all thought it'd be.

Sean's Scout: Understanding Dez Bryant's Struggles Vs Eagles
 Dallas Cowboys WR . (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

Even though it has improved since was plugged in, this isn't what it was in 2016. The Cowboys are missing more than we had imagined, and I wouldn't be surprised if they look for an OG at some point in next year's draft.

That is without mentioning all of the defensive positions they need to attend. Even with a lot of promising players, the Cowboys need to keep looking for guys who can make an instant impact for a that can barely keep up when they lose Sean Lee.

I'm convinced we'll see changes in the before next season, although I'm not sure if will be at every level, just the coordinators or just the head coach. We've come to a point where we're all convinced it is necessary for the future success of this Cowboys team.

Hope Dies Last

Even with a 5-6 record, I'm sure every die-hard Cowboys fan will keep watching. At the end of it all, we live in a very competitive league and everything is possible. We've seen lots of teams run the table in the NFL in order to save their season, and while I think it is highly unlikely, I'll be there next Thursday to root for . And so should you.

Win, lose or tie… I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan for life.

Mauricio Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.

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yes they are done. we could easily lose all of our remaining games, the only one i think we can win is against NY….and that is a big maybe.

let’s get in line for a decent draft (maybe) unless we draft a bunch of hurt players who we hope can play in 2-3 yrs.


Their DONE because there is ZERO DEPTH!!!! Dak showed WHY he fell to the forth round!


Let’s be realistic, no one on the offense is playing like they should, including the line. I believe they are all worn out already. So, lets let the vets rest up, get all the rookies in to get some well needed trial by fire, and let whatever will be, be. Then in the spring we start over, get some real good draft picks and work them in with the vets and old rookies; throw in a sprinkle of new blood in the coaching ranks that can light some fires under their butts and try again. Oh, and if Zeke cannot show any real desire, cut him and give the Smith Brothers a chance.

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