If there's one thing that I enjoy, it's a good hypothetical. Welcome to Friday!

The world got seriously Brocked when a named Osweiler up and left the World Champion to head down to Houston, TX. In lieu of Brock the Brock-nos, aka the Broncos, are looking around the NFL town for his replacement.

A popular name that has been thrown around over the last 36 hours has been that of the XLVII losing quarterback – .

Kaep is currently under contract with the and therefore would have to be traded to the Broncos. As fate would have it Denver isn't the only team interested in his services. Word surfaced on Thursday that the and have also shown interest.

How is this relevant to the ? Oh, just because it could be the key to landing in their lap come Draft Day on April 28th. Allow me to explain.

Step 1: Colin Kaepernick Is Traded

We want Colin Kaepernick to be traded, but him going to Cleveland doesn't help us at all. So say the experts are right and he lands in the Mile High City.

Cowboys Headlines - Hypothetical: A Traded Colin Kaepernick Nets Cowboys Jalen Ramsey 1

This would obviously mean that the 49ers are in the market for a franchise quarterback. Why obviously? Because no one in their right mind, even , is going to hitch a career-defining year to the wagon of Blaine Gabbert.

But RJ… there are no more big-time quarterbacks. I know RGIII is out there and you like him, but where would the Chipster get his new QB?

I'm glad you asked! There are a few things that we know Chip Kelly loves: Smoothies, Destroying NFL Franchises, and Making Trades. It's that last one that leads us to part two of this plan (don't even get me started on plans…).

Step 2: The 49ers Trade For The 3rd Overall Pick

We're assuming here that Chip gets his way and finds a way to up from #7 Overall to #3 where the sit. Why? For his quarterback, of course!

Cowboys Headlines - Hypothetical: Kaepernick Being Traded Nets The Cowboys Jalen Ramsey 1

It was only one draft ago that Chip Kelly tried all the way through the eleventh hour to trade everything that the are worth, which isn't much, to the for the #2 Overall Pick. He wanted his quarterback in and failed to get him. The season was one to forget for Kelly as he didn't even last its full length before being fired.

Chip knows that his career and reputation are on the line with his stint in San Francisco. With Kaepernick gone he will absolutely know that he's going to need to have a franchise quarterback that can keep him around for a long time. Having failed a year ago at trading up that high Chip now definitively knows what it takes to climb up there and will succeed so he can finally get his quarterback.

Step 3: Tunsil, Quarterback, Quarterback

Chip Kelly's biggest mistake in Philadelphia was signing to be his lead . That experiment failed so miserably that the Eagles banished DeMarco to NFL purgatory – The Tennessee Titans.

Cowboys Headlines - Hypothetical: Kaepernick Being Traded Nets The Cowboys Jalen Ramsey 2

Tennessee now has Murray plus a sophomore quarterback in Marcus Mariota who showed a lot of promise his rookie season. What's the best way to ensure their future success? A stud , which is who will become. There's the first pick in the .

The Cleveland Browns will then be on the clock. If they have Kaepernick then their options are pretty wide, which is why we don't want them to land Colin. Cleveland is even lower on the NFL totem pole than Tennessee and are drastically in need of a makeover from top to bottom, and that starts with the quarterback. Hue Jackson will take the future of the Cleveland Browns in /. Chip Kelly and the 49ers would then take the quarterback that Cleveland doesn't.

If the Chargers keep the 3rd Overall pick then they are a potential landing spot for Jalen Ramsey. They have a void to fill at the position given that they let walk away. They are the biggest hurdle to get over in terms of putting a Star on Jalen Ramsey's helmet. Chip Kelly trading with them for a quarterback eliminates that threat entirely and sets the Cowboys up nicely.

Step 4: Draft Jalen Ramsey

Sometimes it really is that simple.

Hypothetically if Colin Kaepernick is traded and Chip Kelly is Chip Kelly then things can work out pretty nicely for the Dallas Cowboys at #4 Overall. Let's hope that it happens.

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