Thank You Nate Clements

Terrell Owens officially made Nate Clements his personal bitch! After a week long hullabaloo surrounding T.O. and his statements to Prime Time, T.O. simply came out and worked Clements and the rest of the 49ers secondary on Sunday! I dare say to all those critics of T.O. you know who you are that have been having a field day at his expense saying things like, “he cant get off the line any more”, “he’s lost a step” Well get you some of that!

Terrell Owens:

  • REC – 7
  • YDS – 213
  • AVG – 30.4
  • TD – 1
  • LG – 75

This game was close for about 15 minutes, and then “I love me some me” took over. Nate Clements was left to wonder about what happened. Now Nate did his best to seem unfazed by T.O.s performance saying:

“He got off today,” Clements said. “[I’m] not taking anything away from him. But I still have confidence in what I can do against anybody. I’m going to make the corrections, and I’m going to be right back at it just like I was in the game. He got one, now let’s go back at it again.”

But he was clearly shocked by what happened to him on Sunday at the hands of the ex 49ers wideout, so much so that interim head coach Mike Singletary found it necessary to go console him and whisper words of encouragement after the game.

So for now it seems all is well in Cowboy land. We should not have to hear at least for another week about how the “system” T.O. is in is not allowing him to go off. I for one would like to personally thank two people for making this possible; Jason Garrett for stepping up and finding a way to get him involved besides that stupid reverse, but more importantly Nate Clements for being so highly over paid and so highly terrible. If not for Nate we would have to deal with the lack of T.O. being involved for another week!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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