“The Boot”

Sorry for the delay in posts the past few days have been very busy for me, as I spent the weekend moving into my new house.I did however make sure to try to catch sports center every evening to try to stay up to date with all the goings on of the sports world.

One story that is about to drive me nuts is this whole Tom Brady in a walking boot fiasco. Is there anyone out there who actually believes that Mr. Brady is not going to play in the Super Bowl? This is an absolute ridiculous assumption! I guess this is more of a story to try to give the Giants a little bit of false hope.

On a side note The Mavericks won again and just so everyone knows Josh Howard is the man! Dirk is a great player and all of that but the Mavericks are only going to go as far as Josh takes them! Hopefully the Rockets will get it together and get into the playoffs this year so we can have another Rockets vs Mavericks first round playoff series!( This way the Best in the West can take it to Yao again)

On the Cowboys front it seems as though we have a new defensive line coach , apparently Phillips decided the best man for the job was Todd Grantham (former defensive coordinator in Cleveland) I do not know a lot of history on Todd other than he was recently fired in Cleveland. Apparently the boys are also looking into possibly hiring Dave Campo to fill the position of secondary coach, personally I always liked Dave and thought he was a good position coach his units always seemed to perform well, he was just not a good head coach. There are still more hires to come so I will keep you posted!

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Written by Phillip Baggett


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