The Browns take the “NO DEFENSE” route

Well week one is finally in the books. Only the Cowboys first win of the season and already I can see the potential of this electric offense. I was very satisfied with the Dallas Offense in how they manufactured an 86, 80, and two 69 yard TD drives. The Brown’s defense was like a colander. Full of holes. It was almost like a practice for the Cowboys where the d-line just stands up at the snap.

All night long Romo looked very comfortable in the pocket and made very good reads for the majority of the time. He pretty much picked apart the Browns secondary all night. Mainly due to the fact that he barely felt any pressure all night. Cory Procter filled in nicely for Kosier and was a big reason Romo was not sacked for 32 pass attempts. Witten had a big night as always, 6 rec. for 96 yards, as well as T.O. who looked extremely focused with 5 rec. for 87 yards and a TD. T.O. led the league in dropped passes last year and he almost had one against the Brown’s that he somehow used his ASS cheek and long ass arm to reel it in. I was pretty amazed that he managed to hold on to it. Patty Crayton had a decent night receiving as well, 6 rec. for 82 yards. I really think he took the loss to the Giants last year personal and is going to have an impressive season.

Even though Marion left the game early with “bruised ribs” he still had a great performance. 16 carries for 80 yards and 2 TDs. Hopefully he takes it easy this week and gets ready to molest the Eagles on Monday night. Felix Jones erased any doubts in my mind with a very solid performance for his first game. On his 11 yard TD run he showed how well he can run behind his pads and gave an unbelievable effort to power his way through the line of scrimmage. All in all a good performance by the offense, and that is 1 tally in the win column!

This next game against Philly should be a good one. Although I must say I F**KING HATE THE EAGLES. And oh yeah, Donovan McNabb….You suck. I hope we drop a bomb on the Eagles and show them what it is like to play against a REAL football team. Anyone can put up 38 points on the Rams who are the worst football team in North America. So if any Eagles Fans are reading this…..GETCHA POPCORN READY!

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Written by Lee Pierce


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