The Dallas Cowboys Off Season Roadmap

We here at A Cowboy Nation have been asked to participate in a MVN project called Off Season Road Map. The Cowboys Road Map is and has been pretty clear since failing to make the playoffs last year. However this project is focusing on the top three positions of need. As stated here in an earlier post, the needs have not changed!

Tops on the Cowboys agenda (as far as players go) this off-season is a tie! Position 1a I would say is the need for a quality veteran back up quarterback! And do not even try to tell me that we have that with Brooks Bollinger! Do not get me wrong he is a serviceable QB, but in no way shape or form is he a guy that can come in at a moments notice and produce enough to win games. This team needs a guy like Steve Beuerlein was in the 1992 season, backing up Troy Aikman. Now I realize that that may be a tough chore, but they can get better than what we have.

Position 1B is a position that we have been complaining about for years now, at least me anyhow! Safety, now all you dirty Sooners need to just shut up already! This guy is terrible and has been terrible for a looooong time. All he has ever been is a hard hitter. Now notice I said “hard hitter” and not “a great tackler”. He has never been worth a crap at tackling, or being able to cover anyone with a number not in the 70’s! The only way he ever got any accolades is by laying the thunder on someone, and now he sucks at that too! This team needs a “ball hawking”, cover safety, with the ability to TACKLE!

Position 3 is simply this, a run stuffing nose tackle! He would not even have to play in passing situations, just be able to clog the middle! The Ravens, and Giants game taught us some very valuable lessons last year. One Jay Ratliff needs to be a defensive end! That guy is a monster in passing situations, but simply cannot clog up the middle in the running game. This caused the Cowboys depend solely on run support from Pat Watkins, and that is not ever going to work out in your favor. Two, the Cowboys led the league in sacks but think of what kind of mismatches could be created if they could line up D-Ware and Ratt on the same side?

While all three positions are necessities, it will be very difficult for all three to be filled adequately. However at this point any upgrade would be well received!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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