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Dallas Cowboys Are Still America’s Team

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Dallas Cowboys Are Still America’s Team

This has gone on long enough, and even if I’m not the best person to finally say it, I am saying it. The Dallas Cowboys are still America’s Team, and it is evident every day.

People point to the Pittsburgh Steelers winning a record sixth Championship, to the long lineage of football success that they’ve enjoyed, and continue to enjoy. People bluntly state the last twelve years that Dallas has gone without a playoff victory have tarnished their image, their reputation, and their history in this league.

I say enough! Enough of the hype before the first kickoff, enough of the praise before a victory has been earned.

People say that these Dallas Cowboys don’t understand what it takes to be leaders, that they don’t have the heart their predecessors so momentously bled from on the field at Texas Stadium. People claim this organization has lost its prestige, and along with it, the respect of the nation.

I say enough! Enough of the scapegoats, the media, and the Monday morning quarterbacks.

You see, I grew up a Cowboys fan. Living just down the road from the home of this great dynasty, it wasn’t a matter of choice or preference to be a fan; it was merely a matter of learning how to be a gracious and loyal fan.

Yet I’m surprised to hear so many of my fellow fans buying into the fanfare. We’re Cowboys fans, some of us for many years, some of us for only a few years. We know what it’s like to be a Cowboys fan; hated by many, and envied by most.

Sure, the shine has dulled over the past decade, but when I listen to these people talking about the Great Steelers, all I hear is “The Dallas Cowboys”.

It’s a lesson I’ve learned, that you can’t beat the greatest team without first recognizing that they are the greatest team, and every week of the season these Dallas Cowboys stand before a foe that wishes to defeat them, and conquer the infamous beast. Look around you, turn on your television, your radio; search for Dallas Cowboys on google, then you try to find the end of whatever you find and tell me, was there an end in sight?

It doesn’t matter that this team hasn’t had post-season success since 1996; this team is still America’s Team. The Dallas Cowboys are mentioned on nearly every sports radio and television production. They are in dozens of newspaper articles each day, and countless blogs and websites around the world. They are now the owners of the greatest football venue in history, an accomplishment well deserved. A monument to the legacy that is the Dallas Cowboys, a legacy that could never be dismantled over a single game or season, or even a decade of both.

And soon, maybe not this year or next year, but soon these Dallas Cowboys will orchestrate the kind of domination that we fans have been missing, craving.

Every great leader in history has been down at one time or another, and the Dallas Cowboys are no different. They’re down right now, and have been down for a dozen years, but it’s the trials and tribulations that birth the strength to get back up and stand proudly before this country to declare, “How ‘bout them Cowboys!”

And as long as the Star remains on the turf in Arlington, they will continue to fight. That’s what I believe, and no amount of people saying that the Dallas Cowboys aren’t America’s Team anymore will change that.

Bryson Treece

Nothing gives me greater joy than the experience of being a Dallas Cowboys fan come time to check another victory on the schedule every Sunday. I live Inside the Star everyday and blog on it occasionally, as well. Follow us on Twitter – @InsideTheStarDC

  • Martin

    Is it just me or does all Cowboys fans, not like the steelers? By steeler i mean the team. All the steelers fans i meet don’t like the Cowboys. I went as far to tell a Cowboys fan that was routing for the steelers in the super bowl that he wasn’t a true fan. Since steelers are our rivals. I myself can’t stand the steelers. I get in argument with steelers fan about Cowboys Being America’s team(AT). Just cause they think they been in the league a long time they should be (AT). I always tell them that nobody looks at the steeler to see what they’re going to do. They look at Jerry Jones of the DALLAS COWBOYS.
    If the cowboys don’t make the Super Bowl, or playoff for some reason or another. I Usually rout for the NFC teams, and the playoff I go for the NFC East. I been a Cowboys fan since 8/78. So far I met some so called Dallas fans. Who wear their gear when they win, but not when they lose. I called those guys wannabe’s. They want to be a part of the win, but not the lost. I think that their full of crap. I wear my Cowboys cap when ever where ever. Win or lose I don’t care. Cowboys till I die. I get comments, but I always got something to say back. Some people tell me It just a game, But for me I believe in the team. I know that they are better then how they been playing.

  • https://insidethestar.com/ Bryson

    I couldn’t agree more Martin. Nobody makes headlines like the Cowboys do, and that’s always been because so many people want to know what the Cowboys are up to. Lately, yes, it has been a lot about the circus Jones is trying to run, but that’s only the last several years.

    Dude, I wore my Romo jersey proudly this past Saturday for my daughters birthday party. That uncle I keep mentioning, well his quick witted wife, my aunt, was there and she was the first to bring up the SB. I passed on the message that the Steelers suck win or lose, but that they would lose. Of course I had no idea at the time that the Stealers didn’t need to play to win that game.

    The Cowboys are America’s Team because America has made them that, not because of some asshole Steelers fans or the number of Super Bowl trophies in Dallas. By the way, the Cowboys have been to the Super Bowl more.

    Now i ask you, what’s harder, winning one game six times, or 10-12 games in a regular season 8 times, and winning another 3 or 4 fives of those eight? The Steelers suck ass …. nuff said.

  • Theo

    I agree with the both of you, no team ever will be able to surpass the greatness of the Dallas Cowboys.

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