The Effect Of The Inglewood Stadium Delay On The Dallas Cowboys

NFL teams love playing against the Dallas Cowboys. Why? The ‘Boys in the blue and silver aren’t called America’s Team for nothing, they bring with them plenty of folks who want to see them play. Dallas is a big draw for anyone – they also practically single-handedly saved the NFL’s ratings in 2016 – and in about three years they’re going to save the future of the NFL in Los Angeles.

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Rams stadium scheduled to open in 2019 is being pushed back until 2020 due to weather delays, per source. “Rain killled us,” said source.

You’re probably wondering how all of this influences the Dallas Cowboys (I can read your mind, no not really, well maybe). Per the NFL’s rotational schedule the Dallas Cowboys will play the NFC West in 2020.

This is three years from now which means, as you know, that the Cowboys play the NFC West in 2017. This season the Cowboys will travel to San Francisco and Arizona, and they will host Los Angeles (the Rams and the Chargers, coincidentally) and Seattle. The next time this rotation occurs in 2020 the hosted and visited teams will flip.

The Cowboys served as the visiting team in the NFL’s true return to Los Angeles last season during the Rams’ first preseason game. When the Rams/Chargers officially open their new stadium for business in 2020, the Dallas Cowboys will be among the teams that are paraded through it.

This is the best news possible for a league that is almost completely dependent upon the Dallas Cowboys. America’s Team will bring with it their usual glitz and glamour – plus, think about Dak and Zeke in their fifth NFL season – as the NFL celebrates its newest toy in a big market.

Of the current NFL stadiums, the Dallas Cowboys have visited quite a few in their inaugural season:

  • Bank of America Stadium, Carolina Panthers.
  • Ford Field, Detroit Lions.
  • NRG Stadium, Houston Texans.
  • University of Phoenix Stadium, Arizona Cardinals.
  • U.S. Bank Stadium, Minnesota Vikings.
  • FedEx Field, Washington Redskins.
  • Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia Eagles.
  • MetLife Stadium, New York Giants.

It is worth noting that the Cowboys will also help ring in a new stadium this season as they visit the Atlanta Falcons who are opening Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Congratulations to the NFL, who is thankful for rain in California, as we now know that 2020 will be quite prosperous for them. How many Super Bowl rings will Dak and Zeke be wearing when they visit? I’d like to think they’ll at least have one or two, but let’s hope for four!

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