The First Annual “Thug Awards”


Thug AwardsWelcome to the first annual Thug Awards!

We have teamed up with Hugging Harold Reynolds for the first awards system for the worst the NFL has to offer.

For the next few weeks we will be posting the categories, and nominees. As each group is released we would like to invite you all to cast your vote for that particular nominee and leave a comment. After all the categories and nominees are announced and voted on, we will submit the winners on the final post. Hope you enjoy it we sure have!

The first category for the 2009 “Thug Awards” is…….

The Plaxico Award

This award is given to the one person most deserving of being shot!

And the nominees are??????

  1. Brett Favre – If by being shot you mean “put us out of his misery” Otherwise, shoot us.
  2. Tony Kornheiser – Makes football fans long for Dennis Miller. Almost!
  3. Matt Millen – Anyone this stupid deserves to be shot.
  4. Tony Sparano – Just because that’s what happens to members of the “Cosa Nostra”
  5. Marvin Harrison – You mess with bull you deserve to get the horns

Let us know who you think is the most deserving! Keep an eye out for the next category!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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