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The Glass Half-Full Perspective – Cowboys Vs Raiders

Dallas Cowboys

The Glass Half-Full Perspective – Cowboys Vs Raiders

This response to the Cowboy’s vs. Raider’s game is a little late because my son was sick the Friday following the game up until Monday of this week.  Better late than never…

Call it ESP(N),but I had a premonition about Thursday night, as noted a few articles down in” Expect the worse when the Cowboy’s meet the Raider’s tonight.”  I prepared myself for the worse in view of one concept that I think tend’s to be overlooked by the average fan:  An offensive or defensive unit is only as strong as it’s weakest member.  If you consider the “youth movement” that has absorbed the majority of the attention concerning the Cowboy’s, there are quite a few player’s out there still learning their positions, which mean’s regardless of how fast they can run the 40, their mental speed is still going to be relatively slow.

Here are just a few quick observation’s from the glass half-full perspective:

1:  In an effort to keep this team healthy, Wade has prohibited tackling throughout training camp.  Therefore, missed tackles are going to happen at this stage in the process.

2:  Newman, Jenkins and Hawkins were all hurt, which represent the 1st, 2nd/3rd, and 4th Corner’s on the depth chart.  Hawkins was recently cut, so the Cowboy’s are placing quite a bit of faith in Mickens and Brown to turn the corner, so-to-speak.

3:  Should a 2nd teamer be forced into action in the regular season, he’ll be surrounded by 1st teamer’s, not more 2nd teamer’s.  That’s a huge difference to consider.

4:  If anything, the Raider’s are fast.  Al Davis covet’s speed over all attributes a player can have.  Judging angles on a team filled with speedster is not typically an ability younger defensive player’s playing in a new position are going to do well at this point.

5:  I’d prefer my rookies to be overly-aggressive in the preseason than invisible.  Victor Butler, despite his many instances of over-pursuit, still looked decent for a player in a stand up role vs. his three-down technique in college.

6:  Play calling is generally extremely vanilla during the pre-season.  I’m sure many of you may have noticed the running game being relied on quite a bit, especially in the closing minutes of the game.  If anything, that should have served as a reminder that the coaching staff was not trying to win the game.

7:  How about that starting unit?  Granted, the first series wasn’t pretty for either unit, defense or offense.  But the offense made up for it with their second chance, moving down the field, Romo getting the ball into the hand’s of a variety of different weapons to score and take the lead.  Despite a few debilitating penalties, the starting defensive unit was able to limit the Raider’s to a field goal, and that being very short-handed in the secondary.  As previously stated, it’s too early to judge the second and third unit’s considering the youth; but if they are still a turnstile come the fourth game of preseason, concerns will be warranted.

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I am 35, married and a father of 2 boys. I have been a Cowboys fan since Jimmy Johnson took over; not because I had anything against Tom Landry, but because it just so happens I was old enough to start following and understanding football right as that new era began. Since then, I haven’t missed games if I could help it.

  • Bryson Treece

    What worries me is that the first team offense still didn’t score on their first possession. It’s a well known fact that scoring on the opening drives increases the likely hood that you’ll win the game, and they have struggled with that the last couple of years. If I’m not mistaken, and I haven’t checked the stats on this, but in each of the last two years, if the Cowboys scored a TD on their opening drive, they won the game.

    Typically you should be able to come into a game at least take control for the first scoring drive because the other defense is still adjusting to what you’re doing. If they’re already adjusted, then seems to me the play calling may be too vanilla.

    Preseason is different, though, as you said. The first preseason game is mostly about evaluating the young players. But it worries me that the same problem on the first drive existed even in the exhibition game.

    The Titans have something working for them right now, so I’m hoping that we do go out and beat them, simply because it will lend credit to what’s being done with this team and show that we have what it takes even with the backup players 2 and 3 deep.

    • Lostar2009

      Pentalities can kill everything. But our opening drive we were just caught up in some blitz. We later cam came back harder and was able too pick them up.

  • Jonathan

    Bryson – Have you had an opportunity to watch the game yet? It reaired last night on a local channel. I definitely get what you are saying, but given the circumstances, you can kind of understand the 3 and out. Check out the following link for a play by play:

    Isaiah’s return was just over 15 yard’s which got pushed back another 10 yard’s due to a penalty. Pinned at the 6, the Cowboy’s play option’s were somewhat limited. Out of the gate, Romo’s first throw got knocked down at the line by none other than Greg Ellis himself. The second play, Barber was victimized by the highest paid corner in the league for a loss. The third play, someone was playing in the wrong play book.

    According to the above play by play the receiver was Willie Reid, but I’m pretty sure it was Austin. Anyway, it seemed to me that Austin wasn’t aware the ball was in the air, as it landed only a few feet away from him as he was streaking down the field. Either that or he simply failed to find the ball. Either way, I don’t think this series was a reflection of the unit as a whole, but the result of several individual error’s combined. Make sense?

    For instance, Romo need’s to better identify his passing lane’s. I think the second play was Garrett quite simply being predictable; though, I won’t read too much into that in the preseason. And the third play was a lack of focus on Austin’s part.

  • Lostar2009

    Hmm the Raides maul the Cowboys 2nd and 3rd teams no ends or butts. Their play was sloppy and horrible. The Raiders seem polish and more poise in their 2nd and 3rd teams.

    Preseson our not I remember Wade first year here we tee off aganist the Broncos nicley. Teams blitz all the time in preseason. We didnt do much this game is it because we dont want to expose our fall off in OLB play since Ellis is gone.

    Both 1st team offense and Defense played nice. Besides a couple of fouls we look good. Garrett show his play calling has improve with his mix up of run and passing plays kudos to him.

    Me personally I was plz with Romo playaction. He seem to take it to the next level with his movements. I also was plz with Sensi did anyone see that wood he layed on a Raider WOW!!!

    All in all the 2nd and 3rd teams need to pic their play up. 1st team need to become a little bit more focus.

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