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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly For Cowboys Against Eagles

The unfortunately were not able to close out the on a high note yesterday with a 27-13 loss to the divisional rival .

It wasn't a real big surprise that the Cowboys lost this game, but I think if they would have played to win, they could have done so easily.

and the decided it was best to get a little bit of playing time for their starters, but then rest them throughout the ballgame in hopes of getting everybody as healthy as possible for the postseason. With as many banged up players as a team has at this point in the season, it was the most logical approach.

I don't know about you, but the main selling point of this game was the fact that was going to make his 2016 debut. I know the majority of us were turning in just to see what he would look like.

Even though the Dallas Cowboys decided to play Tony Romo and several other backup players, the team still put together a pretty solid performance and competed throughout the game.

Having said that, there still was plenty of Good, Bad, and Ugly for the Dallas Cowboys yesterday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Below are the ones identified. I hope you enjoy.

The Good 

Tony Romo, Eagles
Eric Hartline – Sports

I'm pretty sure you can guess which direction I'm going to go here, because one of the only reasons a lot of us even watched this game was to see Tony Romo back on the field.

Not only did #9 make an appearance, but looked really good leading the Cowboys down the field and connecting with in the end zone for the one and only touchdown on the day.

It was kind of a bittersweet moment to see if Romo back on the field. This could be the last time we see him commanding the Dallas Cowboys offense, but he couldn't have done more to prove that he still has what it takes to be one of the best QB's in the NFL.

This is still 's team and he will continue to be the starting QB in a few weeks for the Cowboys first playoff game, but knowing that Romo can come in at the drop of a hat if needed is invaluable.

There's probably not another team in the that have a better situation then what the Dallas Cowboys do.

The Bad

EaglesHonestly, there wasn't a lot of bad for the Dallas Cowboys yesterday against the Philadelphia Eagles. We all knew that this was going to be a game where Jason Garrett and the staff would rest as many of their key players as possible throughout the ball game.

So, the bad for me is the fact that we will have to wait nearly 2 whole weeks to see the Dallas Cowboys back on the field.

Obviously, the Cowboys would've liked to cap off the end of the 2016 regular season with a win over the Philadelphia Eagles, but resting up some of their players was more important in the long run.

We will just have to hope that this two week time period between games doesn't cause a lack of focus. Retaining their mental focus is paramount to this team success going forward.

Fortunately, the Dallas Cowboys don't have to leave the great state of Texas throughout the playoffs and even for the if they can continue to win. How cool is that?

The Ugly

Mark SanchezThis was an easy one. The ugly yesterday for the Dallas Cowboys against the Philadelphia Eagles was watching .

I've heard that a lot of people would like Sanchez to return next season to be the backup to Dak Prescott, but after watching him last night I don't know if they will feel the same.

Now, Sanchez might have looked pretty bad yesterday, but that could be because he doesn't receive a lot of practice repetitions behind Prescott and Tony Romo. So, he may have performed better if he could have received more practice time. But, that's an argument for a different time.

Honestly, I've never been a real big fan of Mark Sanchez, but I'm not the one making the decisions.

Unfortunately for Sanchez, yesterday may have been his audition to become the backup QB next season with the Cowboys. But, as auditions go, it probably wasn't what he wanted to put on tape.

Fortunately, Sanchez shouldn't see the field in the playoffs since the Cowboys have Tony Romo. I would honestly be surprised if he is even on the active roster.

What is your good, bad, and ugly for the Cowboys against the Eagles?

Please feel free to use the comment section below to share your thoughts and opinions on this topic.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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