Cowboys CTK: The House of #44: Robert Newhouse

Make sure you stretch those legs, I know you’re sore since we’re in the middle of training camp! Doesn’t this feel incredible? The sun is shining, the pads are on, and the helmets are clashing… it’s football season.

While we get our training camp on we know that the season will be here before we know it. That glorious day is only 44 sets of the sun away so let’s celebrate by talking about the Greatest 44 in Dallas Cowboys History.

The Following Players Have All Worn 44 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • Don Bishop, CB
  • Michael Brooks, S
  • Tyler Clutts*, FB
  • Lincoln Coleman, FB
  • Vince Courville, WR
  • Cornell Gowdy, S
  • Chris Gronkowski, FB
  • Robert Newhouse, FB
  • Robert Thomas, FB

*Active player on the Dallas Cowboys roster

Open House

During the 2nd round of the 1972 NFL Draft the all-time leading rusher in the University of Houston’s school history was on the board. He was a bit shorter than most running backs, 5’10”, and weighed in at 209 pounds… and he would go on to become one of the finer men to tote the rock for America’s Team.

Robert Newhouse

Cowboys Blog - The House of #44: Robert Newhouse

While many considered him too small for the position of running back, Newhouse’s low center of gravity and massive legs made him impossible to tackle. He was a yards after contact machine and was very difficult to bring down, a trait which earned him nicknames like “The House” and “The Human Bowling Ball”.

Newhouse was by definition a running back out of Houston, but he unselfishly chose to play fullback and was even named the starter at the position in 1975 when Walt Garrison retired. 1975 would turn out to be a big year for Robert as he would actually lead the Cowboys in rushing, as a fullback, with 930 yards during a year where they made it to the Super Bowl.

Welcome To My House

Robert Newhouse was a running back/fullback that did things his way. He was a very fun runner to watch and did anything that he could to help his team win.

1977 Dallas Cowboys Player Golden Richards Scores Touchdown Catch in Super Bowl XII

Here is a play called: Brown Right X Opposite Shift, Fire Toss 38, Half-Back Lead, Full Back Pass To Y and the hike was on 2. Here is wide receiver Golden Richards of the 1977 Dallas Cowboys catching a touchdown pass from Robert Newhouse on a trick play Tom Landry called in Super Bowl XII.

During Super Bowl XII the team asked him to do something that is rarely asked among ball carriers… to throw a pass. With 7 minutes remaining in the big game, Newhouse took a pitch and threw it downfield 29 yards into the hands of the Greatest 83 in Dallas Cowboys History, Golden Richards, for the game-clinching touchdown.

The House of #44

Cowboys Blog - The House of #44: Robert Newhouse 1

In an era of great Cowboy running backs (players like Ron Springs and Tony Dorsett) Robert Newhouse was a huge threat out of the backfield. In 12 seasons, Newhouse accumulated 4,784 rushing yards, 956 receiving yards, and 31 total touchdowns.

Cowboys Blog - The House of #44: Robert Newhouse 2He helped the Dallas Cowboys remain one of the elite teams in the NFL throughout the 1970s and was a big contributor to the Super Bowl XII winning team.

There aren’t many players built with the same resiliency nowadays as Robert Newhouse. He was one of a kind and someone that Cowboy fans remember fondly.

Among all of his incredible accomplishments, it should come as no surprise that Robert Newhouse is the Greatest 44 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Check back tomorrow to find out who the Greatest 43 in Dallas Cowboys History is!

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