The “Jerry-Go-Round” shows no signs of stopping

Well it seems as if Jason Garrett’s season did not do much for his stock as an aspiring head coach in the NFL. NOT EVEN THE ST. LOUIS RAMS WANT HIM! The question for me now is what do the Cowboys do with him. Many of my Cowboy hating “friends” suggest that Ol’ Cream Puff Phillips should get the boot and Garrett should be calling the shots. But me, not so much. He did not impress me this year either, yes I know my opinion really doesn’t matter but I can’t possibly be the only person that would be a little “iffy” with Jason Garrett at the reins. It is funny to me at how much your opinion on someone can change within one year. Honestly, I will admit it, I was one if the ones who jumped on the Jason Garrett band wagon last season after he showed us all a glimpse of what seemed to be an offensive coordinator genius in motion. WRONG! I will give him one more shot to prove that he is all that Jerry sees in him and if there is not a significant improvement….I’m kicking him off the Jerry-Go-Round!!!!

What do you think?

Written by Lee Pierce


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