The Marion Barber show!

In my opinion Marion Barber is the best “finisher”, if you will, in the game. He proved this in the Foreskins game. When the Cowboys needed him most he came through HUGE! The final drive of the game was a needed team confidence boost, the O-line pushing the Skins around, and Marion punishing everyone else on the field. How many teams have a guy that they are willing to give the ball to 11 straight times? This was the first game of the season where the Cowboys showed attitude, emotion, and the all too cliché HEART. Well let me say this, IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME. Even though the game was not as good as most Cowboys fans would have hoped, it was a dramatic improvement from the previous 4 weeks of torture and embarrassment.

If you haven’t heard Tony Romo had a broken pinkie. NO SHIT. That is the only thing I heard all night during the game. John Madden even had a XXL version of Romo’s so-called splint. IT WAS FREAKING TAPE! Like you really needed to show the entire country how Romo had some tape wrapped around his pinkie and his wrist. Great television!

All in all I am excited about the win, but there is no need to dwell on the victory because we’re not out of the trenches yet. Bring on the Niners!!!

A little Madden Humor


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Written by Lee Pierce


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