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The State of Jason Garrett

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The State of Jason Garrett

Since Jason Garrett has taken over as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys the number most associated with him is 8. That is 8 wins and 8 loses. All Garrett has produced as a head coach is mediocrity. Constantly being on the verge of success only to fall on the final game of the season ending up with the same result, that is a season right at .500. Once again the Cowboys are 8-7 with one game left to play to decide the winner of the NFC East. It becomes very difficult to find reasons to keep Jason Garrett around when his teams continue to disappoint and miss the playoffs. jason-garrett-a-new-head-coach

Despite Jerry Jones’ public defending of Jason Garret very few expected him to return as head coach if the Cowboys missed the playoffs this year. Now that Tony Romo is out for Sunday’s game, Jones may have the excuse he needs to keep Garrett around one more year. If the Cowboys manage to fight through these injuries and take down the Eagle on Sunday Jones has a legitimate reason to keep Garrett around. If the Cowboys lose to the eagles Jerry Jones can point the finger at the absence of Tony Romo and Sean Lee giving Jason Garrett one more chance with the Dallas Cowboys.

Even though the injuries to Romo and Lee gives Jones and excuse it does not necessarily mean Jones will use it. With or without Romo another 8-8 season has to frustrate Jerry Jones. This streak of ending the season 8-8 has not been the only troubling aspect of Garrett’s tenure. Games against Green Bay, Detroit and Denver all had the Cowboys blowing double digit leads. unfortunately this is something the Cowboys have repeatedly done every season under Garrett. They have appeared to be mentally weak and undisciplined. The injuries give Jones one excuse to keep Garrett around, but there are still plenty of reasons to get rid of him and therefore it should not be assumed that Garrett’s job is safe simply because Tony Romo is missing the final game of the season.

If Jason Garrett is fired then it creates another potentially bigger problem. Who is going to replace Garrett? There are good candidates they may be considered for the head coaching job as the likes of Lovie Smith and Mike Zimmer may be looking for a head coaching job. The problem is whether or not a viable candidate is going to want to coach the Cowboys. Forget about the issues of control with Jerry Jones the Cowboys are still suffering from the salary cap penalties. The Dallas Cowboys is not one of the most attractive head coaching opportunities and if Jason Garrett is fired it will probably only be done if Jerry Jones knows for sure that he can hire a better option. Change just for the sake of change is not necessarily a good thing and as there may be a limited amount of options that are better than Garrett, there are certainly many options that are worse than Garrett.


Jason Garrett has not been able to produce a desired result with the Dallas Cowboys and his job is most certainly in jeopardy. Despite that there are too many factors to take into account to assume that a loss and another 8-8 season automatically means he gets fired. If the Cowboys miss the playoffs yet again, changes can certainly be expected, the uncertainty comes in finding adequate replacements for those changes.



  • mac0424

    They need to let Garrett go. He was a big part of the problem when Wade was here and after 3 1/2 years as head coach no progress has been made. The Cowboys are cap whipped and need a coach with experience building from almost the ground up. Romo is old and injury prone in the worse possible place in his body and they need to acquire a successor to him. Ware is old and injury prone. Sean Lee is great but can’t stay in the field. A lot of issues with Dallas but Garrett has shown his ceiling. He lacks experience and quite frankly is too aristocratic and full of himself to relate to most NFL players. He thinks he is too smart and that is his greatest weakness. Unfortunately Romo has taken on the same mentality. Time for Garrett to go, he should be financially set and will have no problem finding another gig. He has been making life changing money for over 6 years with the Cowboys. I am happy for him and his family but time to move on.

    • Keith S

      I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I was a little boy and I have stuck with them through the highs and lows…but if Jerry doesn’t get rid of Garrett then I will look for another team! Believe that!

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