Then There’s This Guy, Benson Mayowa

Many Cowboy fans are getting a little anxious about the Defensive Line. Certainly the pass rush could use some improvement. Greg Hardy, Jeremy Mincey and Jack Crawford are all testing the market in free agency, Randy Gregory is suspended for the first four games in 2016 for substance abuse (come on, man), and DeMarcus Lawrence is recovering from back surgery. I know you’ve all been asking me to, and since we are in dire need, I am volunteering myself – I’ll rush the passer. You’re welcome.

But before I catch my plane, it’s worth mentioning that Benson Mayowa, a restricted FA Defensive End from the Oakland Raiders, is taking a physical at Valley Ranch today. If all goes well, the Cowboys will sign Mayowa to an offer sheet that the Raiders would have five days to match.

Since starting his NFL career in 2013, Mayowa (24), standing 6-4 and weighing 240 pounds, has started 3 games out of 30 and recorded 2 sacks. He went to school in Idaho and was signed by the Seahawks as a rookie free agent in 2013.

I can already see you furrowing your brow and rolling your eyes, as many fans have been doing on Twitter (look outside, I’m watching you read this).

Relax. He’s young. Most young DEs starting off in the league have quiet years before they have a surplus of productivity.

To beg and plead for an improved pass rush and then get annoyed when the ‘Boys work out an underwhelming DE, is like begging your parents for a new Cadillac and getting mad when they get you a pre-owned Scion. You didn’t have a car anyway – so what’s the difference?

And, like I said, the pass rush could use some improvement. They ranked 26th in sacks and 21st in sack percentage last year. Plus, with the recent signing of Cedric Thorton, the line has made improvements.

My best advice is to trust what they’re doing. It’s actually all you can do.

What do you think?


Written by Dante Giannetta

I was born and raised in New York state's Hudson Valley and now attend school in New Jersey. Although I live in Montclair, my heart will always have a soft spot for Dallas, Texas. As an intern for Inside the Star, I now have a legitimate reason for the Cowboys to consume my life. Before, I was just a Cowboy fan with no life ... and very concerned parents. When I'm not writing about the Cowboys, I enjoy reading, seeing plays, creative writing, watching TV, and making my friends and family laugh.

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