Remember the days when used to golf? Those story lines sure were fun, weren't they? Nowadays we have to deal with stuff like this.

Number 9 is one of the best cats on the links there is, and he's also known to play a mean game of hoops as well. The explanation for this? Some dudes are more than football players. They're athletes. They're good at everything.

Now if you think that Tony is athletic, you probably think that is a downright alien. This guy is a physical specimen. And he knows a thing or two about pounding the rock, just like his best friend and .

As you can see, courtesy of TMZ Sports, Dez Bryant is getting in some nice cardio these days by channeling his inner Steph Curry  (who's success I related to the Cowboys earlier this week).

One of 88's sponsors, surely not by coincidence, is the Jordan brand. This dude has serious ups and mad skills on the court. I'd love to see trying to him here. Dez would be crossing him up like a great game of tic, tac, toe!

If you're worried about the health of Dez Bryant, relax! The TMZ article states that Dez is taking everything nice and easy… just shooting a bunch of 3s. Huzzah.

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