Thug Awards

It is time for the next category in the first annual “Thug Awards”. The first category was the “Plaxico Award” this award was for the person most deserving of being shot! Voting is still open on that, so stop over and cast your vote.

The next category is:

The Lamont Sanford Award- This award is for the leagues Biggest “Dummy”

And the Nominees are:

  1. DeSean Jackson: “cough it up as a rookie mistake if you will, but dropping the  ball in celebration prior to the goal line is inexcusable!”
  2. Donovan McNabb: “If there were no such thing as ties, why have a clock”
  3. Tony Romo / Jason Witten: “For thinking they could possibly get away with secretly creating plays behind T.O. back”
  4. Jerry Jones: “For allowing the Dallas Cowboys to become known as the Home for wayward boys!”
  5. Keyshawn Johnson: “For continually making our ears bleed due to severe stupidity”

This will work the same as the last award, vote via comment. If you feel we have left a deserving candidate out of the competition, write ins are welcome! Only two more categories remain, be looking for the next, sometime next week!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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