Time for Dez Bryant to Take on Leadership Role

OTA’s began this week for the Dallas Cowboys, and that is where all the good habits and characteristics of a winning football team begin to form. One such habit and characteristic that the Cowboys need to see develop is leadership.

Arguably, leadership is the most important ingredient of a championship team and frankly, it’s been something that Dallas has lacked over the past few seasons. At certain points in games and even at crucial moments in the season, it is essential that a team has leaders to step up and refuse to lose games and motivate their teammates to a higher level of play as well.

One player that has the potential to be one of these leaders is receiver Dez Bryant. Yes he’s found himself in trouble off the field occasionally, but on the field Bryant shows intensity and focus that seems to be lacking sometimes among his teammates.

Although Bryant is still a relatively young player in the league, he has already grown up a lot since first entering the league. He is one of the most talented players on the field in every game and his desire to win games is evident to anyone who watches games consistently. Other players look up to that type of visible behavior which can often serve as a motivating factor for a team.

Michael Irvin was a great leader on those Cowboys teams that won three Super Bowls. Bryant can be a leader in a manner similar to Irvin, who took a young Bryant under his wing after he attended Irvin’s football camp as a college player.

Irvin has been someone that Bryant has looked up to and learned from as much as he could. Now, the Cowboys’ new rookie receiver, Baylor’s Terrance Williams, is looking up to Bryant in the same way.

In a tweet on Tuesday Williams said, “I’m learning a lot from @DezBryant everyday! Can honestly say he’s one of the hardest working WR’s in the game! #MONSTER.”

Apart from the camaraderie developing between these teammates, this exchange shows that Williams views Bryant as a leader, a role that Bryant is ready to accept. He responded to the tweeting saying that they must continue to have good practices and “see where it takes us.”

It’s time to be more than just the number one receiver Dez. Your team needs you to be a leader and a motivator. It’s time to step up and take some of the pressure off your QB.

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Written by Seth Stephens


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