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Tired of Excusing The Inexcusable

Dallas Cowboys

Tired of Excusing The Inexcusable

Where do we go from here? As much as I want to sit here and say “people do not go into hysterics, this team will be there in the end” I simply cannot!

This team is in trouble! The type of trouble no one wants to be in, the type of trouble that could send this team spiraling out of control, like a speeding car on an icy road.

Our quarterback is trying to play in a way that is uncomfortable and unknown to him. Our coaching staff is so enamored with creating exotic plays that they think can cause other teams to play a style that they are uncomfortable with, that they have stopped trying to do the small things. The things that win championships!

The 2009 Dallas Cowboys are now officially in desperation mode, and it’s only the second week in October!

My associates here with this blog are doing there very best to try to keep everyone’s spirits up, and I am very appreciative of that!

The problem with trying to keep everyone from freaking out is that when we preach allegiance and “staying true to your fandom” we tend to block out what the truth is!

I do and always will Love the Dallas Cowboys, but I cannot sit quietly and not call this team out for failing to do the most elementary of football things. My disgust has nothing to do with winning and losing, but all to do with people simply not putting forth enough effort.

Effort is what will win and lose you football games! This effort thing that I am speaking of is something that this team is missing. To hell with T.O.! To hell with how many times Romo plays golf! To hell with “Roy Williams is not a #1”, To hell with Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett! To hell with “we just gotta keep working and getting better”!

None of those things mean anything! This team has gone thru hundreds “meetings” and “practices” with only a handful of players that actually “get it”! They are soft mentally and physically, and to be honest with you judging by the way they have played so far, I don’t think that bothers them!

Keep in mind now I am not calling one individual out, and I am not just referencing the players. I am talking about the entire staff! The saddest thing about all of this is that I really do like the people on this team.

The coaching staff here is a very intelligent staff, and very good people. The players on this team are some of the most gifted in the league. They simply have no guts!

I have tried my best to keep up with the “rah, rah, go team” stuff, but enough is enough! It is time to call it like I see it!

Jason Garrett continues to refuse to work the middle of the field while having not one, but two very big, athletic tight ends (oh by the way one of them is the best this team has ever had), no instead he decides to use one of them as nothing more than a decoy! He has as sure handed a receiver as you can find in the NFL in Roy Williams, yet cannot seem to understand the concept of the slant route (come on Jason how many times did you sit on the sidelines and watch Troy and Mike hook up on this route?). Hey Jason here is a novel idea, how about you get some receivers in motion to maybe help them create some space? How about you try and help Romo a little bit and play to his strength’s? You know maybe an occasional roll out! No your too f*@# hard headed to do that!

Wade Phillips while I commend you for trying to become what this football team needs in its leader, you just simply cannot do it! Maybe it’s time to meet with Jerry and make it known that you would be willing to step down and become solely the Def. Coordinator?

Notice to all players if your name does not appear on the list I am about to give, then I am talking to you!

Demarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Keith Brooking, Marion Barber, Tashard Choice, Jason Witten, Felix Jones. Tony Romo you will have your own section!

Are you guys tired of hearing the media and fans rip you guys to shreds every week? I am sure you are! Well I have a sure fire way for you to rid yourselves of all of that negative press, if you are interested in hearing it.

This is a very simple and elementary idea. Play the game like it is your last! For many of you this game of football is all you know, and you are smart enough to know that you cannot play forever. So why not go out there each and everyday and play the game like you will never get to suit up again?

The fault does not lay with your ability, it really doesn’t! The problem is with your will! You guys have lost that thing that got you to the “league”. All of you guys in college had a desire to become a professional, and now that you are one you have stopped playing with that killer instinct that got you there! Why? Is it the money? Have you all made so much money now that you are content to just ride it out? Or have you just lost the “want to”?

I and many of your fans have become so accustomed to you playing half heartedly that you no longer have to make excuses for your poor play, we make them for you! I am sick of it! YOU and only YOU are responsible for the effort that you put forth each Sunday, and the one you have been giving SUX!

Tony, Tony, Tony, I can understand the predicament you are in, I really can. We the fans have beat you over the head with wanting you to be more like Troy, that now you do not even know how to be you. Tie that in with Jason Garrett calling the plays and you are in a losing situation.

However you are in control of your destiny, not the coaches and certainly not the fans! My father told me many, many years ago, “Son be yourself and to hell with anyone who does not like who you are”! That stands true with the way you play football too. You were a very confident football player, so confident in your ability that you were willing to take a chance! Now you do not have enough confidence in yourself to find your way to the lunch room? It is gut check time Tony, time for you to step and take control of the situation or fall back to obscurity, the decision is yours.

My allegiance to this team has not wavered, but my patience is wearing thin with the group that is here.

While I still have high hopes for this team, those hopes and dreams are becoming cloudier by the second. Now if only someone would hear me and start the recovery process!

  • Joe

    Wow you pretty much wrote what I was thinking. Finally someone else who despises the so called “red headed genius”. I wish some half ass team WOULD have picked him up after the 06 season so we could have actually got a Off. Cord. who knew how to call plays.

    I am glad this Sunday’s game is not being televised in my area, because if they are beating themselves with penalties and horrible play calling and getting beat by the Chiefs, I don’t think I could be able to watch the entire game anyway. I will probably end up catching the game on NFL Replay, just depending on the outcome.

  • Bryan Martin

    Hey Phillip, It seems that we are two different people. My optimistic approach on these boys seems to rub you the wrong way. But I do see where you are coming from, the thing is that it’s early still and things aren’t quite over. Its just time for them to find there identity. I think they can and will and all the things you call for will come and they will flourish, we just need that identity to found sooner then later.

  • bags030404

    Not at all Bo!”My associates here with this blog are doing there very best to try to keep everyone’s spirits up, and I am very appreciative of that!” I love that there are still true Cowboy fans, you are one of those that love them no matter what! I am that way as well. This site however allows me to vent my frustrations for everyone to see, and sometimes let’s people like Joe know that he is not alone in his thinking. This post was me venting, and about me being able to express my feelings about what I see from this team. I want them to win, I want them to be champions but THEY have to do it! THEY have to want to do it!

  • Bill Robertson

    Since the breakout year in 2007 everyone has been predicting the Cowboys to go all the way.I am not so sure now.They look worse than they did last year.Cupcake sure is whiney this year.The team is talented,the coaching sucks.

  • Mark DeWitt

    Amen brother. You hit the nail on the head. I am a die hard Cowboys fan and this is killing me. I have said for 2.5 years now that the problem is the coaching staff. Wade Phillips will never be more than a def coord. He is good at that, what is the problem. He is not his father and should stop trying to be. Ever since the coaches started trying to change Tony Romo he has been on the decline. He is not happy and looks like a step child that gets beaten daily. The coaching staff is sucking the life out of him. Both aforementioned need to be themselves. Now on to “the red ball express”. well that train derailed 2.5 years ago. You see, Jason Garrett was never more than 3rd string backup and only ever saw the field when injuries came to the better players: Aikman and anyone other than Jason Garrett. He only got his first glimce of stardom his first year here, remember when Tony Romo was allowed to be Tony Romo? The man cannot call a play, has no game plan, does appear to be able make adjustments, why you ask? read my previous sentence. Yes, it is all about Jason Garrett getting his first taste of true success which could be attributed to his talent. Unfortunately now, we see Jason Garrett has reverted to what he has been his whole life: a third stringer. First year O. Coordinators are doing better than Jason with far less talent on other teams.
    I also agree with you about the middle of the field. Jason Garrett cant find it. The last couple of games including the Giants, you could have set up a tent and cookout in the middle of the field. How do you miss glaring holes the size of the Grand Canyon. Of course, Romo cant throw to the wide open middle because there is NO ONE even remotely close. Picture this: Moses part the Red Sea. Now you get the idea of how totally wide open the middle of the Cowboys offensive field actually is.
    Now finally, I completely agree that it is already past time to panic. Stop making excuses, we have seen this before, history is repeating itself. The gut check is coming up empty, no heart, no soul with the exception of a handful of players. Which you also accurately listed but I will add: Felix Jones, Trashard Choice.
    Unless JJ makes some serious changes immediately following the KC game find something else to do on Sundays. I have been a loyal and devoted Cowboys fan for some 30 years now and will always love them. IT is not about the win/lose, it is about watching people play football who actually try to do their best. Not the case in Dallas any longer. all goes back to coaching.
    For the love of God, Jerry: you want to be head coach, general manager and CEO: kick some butt, jerk their library card, do something and do it fast or just like General Motors you will find you are no longer #1 (America’s Team) Toyota (Pittsburg Steelers/Giants or someone obscure) will take your place and you will walk around saying, WHAT HAPPENED? Just my 2 cents


    you just said all there is to it,its time to step up and play like is your last game,because it might be if you keep playing half ass/GO COWBOYS

  • Randy Dobson

    I am amazed and quite impressed with every statement you made!! I agree whole heartedly. The team emulates the head coach, which pretty much sums it up. You know, when I played in high school, we had a coach, Doyle Kelly, who burned it into our heads, “You want to play for me!?!?!?! Then get some fire in your a$$!!” The only thing about the blog that is missing, is the fact that noone has yet to say this: Football is a game of passion. Where is teh freakin’ passion???? Oh, how I wish every player would play like Marion Barber III!!!

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