How Titans-Rams Trade Affects Cowboys

    After a night and early morning dominated by news, the NFL just retook the news cycle in a major way.

    The just traded the first overall pick in the draft to the . They are getting massive, Herschel Walker-level haul in exchange for moving from first down to the 15th pick.

    But this isn't, is it? Obviously, we're concerned about what this means for the .

    Cowboys Draft - How Kaepernick Trade Affects the Cowboys 2The Rams' willingness to send so many picks (2016 & 2017 first-round picks, two 2016 picks, and 2016 & 2017 picks) can mean only one thing: . You don't throw that many picks at any other position.

    The Titans were obviously not going to be taking a QB, having done that last year with . The switch to the Rams creates a major ripple effect that will impact the Cowboys at the fourth-overall spot.

    In my last I had the following top 8 picks:

    1. Titans – , OT
    2. Browns – , QB
    3. Chargers – , DB
    4. Cowboys – , LB
    5. Jaguars – , DE
    6. Ravens – , DE
    7. 49ers – , QB
    8. Eagles – , RB

    This could be a dream come true for Dallas if it means Jalen Ramsey gets pushed down to them. Many expect the Chargers to take Tunsil, a franchise , if he's available. If the Rams and Browns both take quarterbacks then Tunsil falls to San Diego and Ramsey probably gets a star on his next helmet.

    Obviously, this is bad news if the Cowboys were wanting a quarterback themselves. Even if the Browns don't take one then it increases the likelihood of the 49ers or some other team trying to move into the top three to take whoever the Rams don't.

    On the other hand, if Dallas isn't looking for a quarterback and Ramsey still goes to San Diego, it gives them even more leverage to pull off a down of their own. They won't get what the Titans did, but they could end up with an extra second or third-round pick for their trouble.

    There will be plenty more analysis of this shake up in the coming days. For now, we can clearly state that opens up several new dynamics for the Cowboys.

    Jess Haynie
    Jess Haynie
    Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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    Zac Fields

    My quick top 4 mock:

    1. Wentz
    2. Goff
    3. Tunsil
    4. Ramsey (Cowboys)

    As you hinted at, though, this trade (assuming the Browns hook us up and pick Goff) pushes one of the "elite" talents to the Cowboys at #4 in Ramsey or Tunsil.

    If Tunsil falls to us, you've got to figure the Cowboys will be fielding lots of calls to get that #4 pick. The same will be true if Ramsey falls to us, but IMO the Cowboys will draft Ramsey aside from a blockbuster trade offer.

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    Prior to this trade between LA & TN I had read several articles where other teams would possibly trade up with Dallas to get #4 & I noticed that it was often for a 3rd rounder. Why? Why would Jones accept that? He SHOULDN'T! I remember Jones being fleeced by the 49ers in 2013 moving up 13 spots!!! For a 3rd rounder? The 49ers got their safety which then created a poor situation for Dallas, which didn't net a lot of value (at the time). Yes, we ended up getting T. Frederick (31) & T. Williams (74) which worked out well. But at that time everyone was not happy, seemingly. My point is that Dallas should trade, if they do, for a 2nd rounder NOT a 3rd. Thoughts?

    Blue Star

    LA Rams needed to draft number 1. I met a few people here in LA county who are happy to have a team but, hate the owner.

    Dallas needs to trade with the Titans. Goal should be to get a First round next year. and Both 2nd rounds from the Titans this year.

    Blue Star
    Jess Haynie

    if Dallas dropped down to #15 what players would you be targeting? Best available DE?

    simply the best player available.

    Denver is not going to sit at #31 with Mark Sanchez. New England will try to get in the first round.

    Blue Star

    Titans want back in the top 10. Dallas needs to get on this quick.…r-deal-titans-trying-to-trade-into-the-top-10