Todd Archer Misses Mark With Adrian Peterson Article

While I was not shocked to see an article about Adrian Peterson coming to this weekend, I was not quite expecting what Todd Archer drafted. While the majority of the article was not even about AP, it really does miss the point.

First when discussing the possible for AP, without even discussing the added media distractions, the would really have to give up a great deal. While an official of exactly what would have been required to convince the Vikings to move Peterson, I believe it is not far out of the realm of possibility that the Cowboys would have had to give up their 1st and 2nd round selections this year.

Meaning no Byron Jones and Randy Gregory

Yeah, I’m good on that. Each has already proven that they will be key contributors on this and have the potential to be future Pro Bowlers. With the injury to Orlando Scandrick and how that affects the Secondary, Byron Jones is even more valuable. With the way Will McClay has shown he can craft a draft board, I am not willing to trade away key draft picks. Especially, not that many.

I also take exception to Archer’s description of how the team has handled Darren McFadden:

“McFadden has been treated like a made-man this summer. The hamstring strain was minor, but the Cowboys were deliberate with his return. The neck strain wasn’t believed to be serious, but he was kept out of team snaps one day.”

I believe this line of thought comes from Archer not researching the vast injury history of McFadden. At one time, he was thought to have the potential of being a premier NFL Running Back, therefore it would be in the Cowboys’ best interest to keep him healthy. That is far from being treated like a “made man.”

I would expect Todd Archer to do more analysis of the situation than that.

Also, make no mistake, if this is not satisfied with Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden, and after the final game, a move will be made. Whether they are to claim a veteran back off waivers or make a trade for one, they will not allow this team to be held down by a lack of production in the backfield.

While click bait is a nice way to grab attention, it is not always the best format for quality analysis and providing your readers with an intelligent outlook on what a potential transaction would look like.

Bottom line? I trust and want to give him every opportunity to draft as many players that can help build another Cowboys dynasty as possible.

What do you think?


Written by Walter Yeates

Avid Cowboys fan that will provide analytical analysis to the Draft, Film, and everything related to the team. You can find me @TheRealSmoothG on twitter.

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