is a lot of things to Cowboys Nation.

He's our .

He's our hero.

He's our everything.

While we are all part of Tony's Cowboys Family, there are three people who comprise his actual family that he's a few things to as well. He's a husband and a father, which is a hero and everything in its own special way.

Cowboys Headlines - Tony And Candice Romo Open Up About Their Family With NBC 5 1

NBC 5's Meredith Land sat down with Tony and his wife Candice to talk about football, of course, and some very important things beyond the game that we all love. Her interview with them can be seen right here (the can be viewed here).

Hawkins and Rivers, Tony and Candice's sons, are mentioned a bit. Boxes are seen in the background as the Romos, similar to the Dallas Cowboys, are moving. It's an interesting peek behind the curtain of the First Family of the .

The is part of the entire conducted by Meredith Land so be sure to tune into NBC 5 on Tuesday and Wednesday night to see the rest, or just stay tuned to Inside The Star!

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