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Tony Romo Breaks Twitter Silence, Becomes An Instant Hit

At 9:59 PM last night, according to the time stamp, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo sent his first tweet out to :

The gesture was followed with an obscene hoard of tweets mocking the #2 All Time NFL with a stale joke that was widely shared, “Tony Romo's tweet was intercepted…”

For most of Twitter- faithful, it was a welcome sight. In a matter of minutes, that tweet went out on @tonyromo, his account was verified by Twitter, and a growing threat on Twitter was removed. The user @TonyRomoNFLQB had been playing Tony Romo for months, and had built up a substantial following from his charade. We at @CowboysNation, along with many other influencers in the Cowboys Twitter-sphere, have been rallying against this fake account for months with notices to anyone attempting to reach Tony Romo through the account that it was in fact not Tony Romo's account.

I even attempted to alert Tony Romo's people of the problem once I learned that @TonyRomoNFLQB was selling jersey's via the Twitter account and asking for people to take pictures of their credit cards – front and back – and send them to him for payment. Maybe some people out there take such threats to the security of people's identities as nothing big, but I take it very seriously.

Somehow, the Tony Romo camp picked up on what was going on, leading to the end results last night. Since that tweet went out, Tony has gained around 76,000 followers at the time of this posting. It was something to be seen, watching his numbers climb so fast last night:

Be sure to head over to Tony's account and give him a follow. Given that the account was created more than six years ago and only has one tweet, I wouldn't expect a lot of activity on the account anytime soon. But it's good to show our support with a follow.

Welcome to Twitter, Tony.

P.S. We've got on Cowboys Cast this week.

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Bryson T
Bryson T
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