Tony Romo: "Dak... Has Earned the Right to be Our QB" ✭
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Tony Romo: “Dak… Has Earned the Right to be Our QB”

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Tony Romo: “Dak… Has Earned the Right to be Our QB”

In a press conference this afternoon, Tony Romo spoke to the media for the first time since being sidelined with a back injury. In an immediately somber tone, he told the gathered media that he would not take questions and had a prepared statement.

For a few moments, as he reflected on the emotional difficulty of dealing with another major injury and feeling like an “outsider” from the team, I began to think that Romo might be announcing his retirement. There was no questioning the sadness in his voice.

However, no definitive statement about his future came. Tony Romo quickly turned the focus from himself to Dak Prescott, fully endorsing him as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

“He’s earned the right to be our quarterback. As hard as that is for me to say…”

This was raw honesty. This wasn’t Tony Romo reading the company line but speaking from the heart. He didn’t hide from the harsh reality of losing his job, perhaps forever, and the end of his era as the Cowboys quarterback.

Romo will still be on the sideline, and perhaps his Cowboys legacy has another chapter left to be written. However, with every camera pointed at him today, Tony made sure to put the team first.

“I think you all know something magical is happening to our team.”

“Magic” and “Tony Romo” have been in the same sentence many times. While Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are going to get the most credit for this year’s success, there is no question that Romo’s influence is a huge part of the magic. His attitude and controversy-avoiding handling of this situation have helped facilitate the success of his young teammates.

Once you get past the sad tone he spoke in, Tony Romo’s magic was still plain to see. One reason he is so beloved today is that he’s never done anything to misrepresent the Dallas Cowboys. He’s never chased the spotlight and never shirked blame when it was due. He has lived and breathed the franchise quarterback role as professionally as you can.

Even if he never throws another ball in a Cowboys uniform, Tony showed today how much he still helps this team. He just completed his best pass of 2016; handing the torch to Dak Prescott with every bit of class that was humanly possible.

Whether you’ve been #TeamDak or #TeamRomo, today should tell you exactly what we all need to do. Let’s huddle up, CowboysNation. Say it with me.

One… Two… Three…


Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I’ll be sure to respond!

  • Bobby Bermea

    I hope nobody who was on the Dak train gloats. Romo deserves better than that.

  • chrisp tovar

    what a trooper, what class ur the best Romo

  • Mike

    Dak will join kaepernick and rg3. Without Elliott this garbage QB is nothing. Good luck Romo.

  • Matt

    Agree with Mike. Dak had done well but is nothing more than a lucky rookie. People say Romo never one 8 in a row! Wekl, he has won 7 in a row but he never had Zeke, either. Hell, Matt Cassell would look pretty good on this team. ROMO is our QB. What the hell is wrong with everybody?

  • Charles

    I am a long time Cowboys fan, and always will be but have to say I’m disgusted on how the Romo situation has been handled. Romo has given everything to this franchise and they put him on the shelf without giving him a chance. Everyone says he’s never won the big one. Well he’s never had the supporting cast that Dak has had from the beginning either. I haven’t seen this much disrespect toward a long time member since they ran Tom Landry out of town.

  • Shelly Saucedo

    I am very saddened, I agree with everything that was said from the comments,, Given the near perfect cast of players, Romo would be a shining star as well! It sucks he was sold out, I guess the moral to this story is…You can toss loyality and integrity out the window as long as you are winning! You are a true gentleman, Tony Romo!

  • USMC- Bruce

    Misplaced Loyalty! Tony Romo had 10 years to prove him self and 2 playoff wins, gunslinger mentality, not making his teammates better, not spreading the ball, throwing interceptions in crucial games, You must like average football vs total team football.

    • Shelly Saucedo

      I agree that we have a great team right now,, everything seems to be clicking, but you are blaming Tony for the team being mediocre, well everyone has a job to do on the team, if that doesn’t happen, or if the team is riddled with injuries, the team is not going to be successful, duh! Plus he doesn’t make the play calls. You are giving all the credit to Prescott for the success of the whole team, when it is actually THE TEAM!, the Cowboys don’t just have 2 players, Prescott and Elliott, the success belongs to all who play, and do their job!

      • Bryson Treece

        This has got to be the smartest comment I’ve ever read on ITS. Thank you for sharing, Shelly. It seems people never get it; one player does not make a team.

        • Shelly Saucedo

          Thank you,, I am not taking anything away from Prescott, or Elliott, but the O-line is doing a stellar job protecting Dak, yet they aren’t the talk of the town,, and what about the strength of the defence? It just so happens, this is a year where everybody shines! Any decent quarterback would look pristine given all those positive circumstances.. I am truly sad for Tony,, All his time being a core attribute to the Cowboys should mean something!!! Shame on you Jerry Jones,, I thought Tony was your golden child,, ? Oh, you meant only until somebod better came along

  • Mike Young

    Why do these comments have to be made? Suck it up! This move is not about Tony Romo. Just ask Jason Garrett. This is all about the Dallas Cowboys. “How ’bout them Cowboys!”

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