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Tony Romo: Over-hyped or Unappreciated?

recently received his that everyone saw coming. We just didn’t think it would be for six years and $108 million. It would seem that for the most part is none too pleased.  The question is why? Is it because of his 1-6 record in close out games? Or is it because he is 0-2 in the last two Championship games?

Whether it is for one of those reasons fans need a lesson. As it was pointed out to me and many fans by Peter King of Sports Illustrated the Cowboys were 48-64 in the seven years prior to Romo. However since Romo has taken the reigns of this team they are 64-48.

Just based on the team’s record it would lead you to believe that he is the right fit. Since retired there was a laundry list of replacements before the Cowboys stuck with Romo. It wasn’t until a player by the name of Quincy Carter was released, they had contemplated releasing Romo.  When left to take the job in New Orleans, he tried to take him with him.

I am sure a lot of fans would like that to have happened.

The thing that makes Romo so great also makes fans hate him. In most cities the most popular player is always the backup but how would this team fair with ? That isn’t something I want to find out about. Even though he is a solid quarterback with this he would be crushed.

The mobility of Romo and his knack for getting outside the pocket allowed this team to finish 8-8. This meant for the second straight year they would have the opportunity to play for a playoff berth. If he had a or wide receivers that could stay healthy maybe it would have had a different ending.

As of now Romo will be linked to Dan Marino and Jim Kelly as quarterbacks to never win the big one. Marino missed his chance and Kelly missed on all four of his chances. However, quarterbacks shouldn’t be held to that standard. Last time I checked football was a team game.

Patrick Conn
Patrick Conn
Patrick Conn is the founder and creator of Valley Ranch Outsiders. His work has been seen on, FanSided, Yahoo and Blue Star Times. He is an avid Cowboys fan and NFL Draft analyst. He currently hosts a podcast about the Dallas Cowboys.

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