Tony Romo Situation Could’ve Been Handled Better By Cowboys

    I've held my tongue since 's this past Tuesday. That's when he announced to the world he would step aside, for now, and do what's best for the team by not becoming a distraction.

    Romo was noticeably shaken up and emotional throughout the process, and you couldn't help but feel at least a little bit heartbroken for him. He's been the face of the franchise for more than a decade and has given everything he could to make the organization as competitive as possible.

    I don't know about you, but I felt as if Romo was kind of being tossed aside, that this entire situation was handled poorly by and the .

    They didn't really leave Tony any other choice.

    They weren't going to allow him to compete with to win the starting gig back. That could have created inner-turmoil and proved to be a giant distraction. Distraction is the last thing this, or any, with the way they're playing.

    Cowboys Headlines - Tony Romo Situation Could've Been Handled Better By CowboysSo, they really put Tony Romo in a no-win situation. He did the only thing he could, he swallowed his pride and stepped aside for the betterment of the Dallas Cowboys organization and his teammates.

    This heartbreaking situation could've been avoided if Jerry Jones and the staff had handled things differently to begin with.

    It's almost as if they were dangling a carrot in front of Romo while he was rehabbing. Each week that carrot started to get closer and closer until it was finally within reach, only to be yanked away once he was ready and able to grab it.

    Honestly, I blame the euphoria everyone has felt this season for why this entire situation wasn't addressed earlier. I guess isn't the only one who likes the euphoria that comes from riding on a high.

    I think we all pretty much knew Dak Prescott would remain the starting coming out of the . Yeah, you could say everyone was waiting to see if Romo would get back to 100%, and then see what he looked like in practice, but the were already against him.

    Honestly, I would have named Prescott the starter coming out of the bye. That way it would have shut down the media from continuously bringing up the subject and also given Romo as much time as he needed to get back to 100%, which would allow Prescott to focus on the task at hand.

    Instead, the coaching staff/Jerry Jones allowed the media circus to continue creating somewhat of a distraction because that's all anyone wanted to talk about. It forced Tony Romo to step up and put the team on his back once again.

    Now don't get me wrong. Dak Prescott is the future of this organization. He's been playing better than anyone ever envisioned during Romo's absence, but Tony Romo is still the better QB at this point.

    It's easy to dismiss Tony Romo's success as the Cowboys QB1 now that Prescott is playing like the future signal-caller for the Cowboys. But don't forget, Romo is a just one year removed from leading the NFL in completion percentage (69.9) and passer rating (113.2), while leading the team to the 2014 East title.

    Cowboys Headlines - Tony Romo Situation Could've Been Handled Better By Cowboys 1Prescott may have this playing really good right now, but I truly believe Tony Romo would take them to an even higher level, especially in the .

    Tony Romo can make plays Dak Prescott simply can't at this point in his career.

    There have been several instances where Prescott has missed seeing a wide-open receiver down the field, instead choosing to check it down underneath. Fortunately, this is something Prescott will learn as he gains more experience, but that's where Romo has the advantage and why I think he makes this offense better right now.

    I don't blame the Cowboys for wanting to ride the hot-hand right now, I just believe this entire situation could've been handled better. Tony Romo deserved better from the organization.

    Who knows, maybe we haven't seen the last of him this season…

    Do you Agree or Disagree?

    Let me hear your thoughts about the Tony Romo situation in the comments below.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Finally someone with a platform to say what I have been saying. I couldn’t agree more.

    Gary Barrett (@gbear169)

    Are you kidding? Romo placed hisself in this situation, no one has a crystal ball that could have predicted Dak’s success. The owners and coaches were left w/no choice in a situation they didn’t create. Get over it. Go Cowboys

    Chris Taylor

    I’m sorry, but I could not DISAGREE more.As someone else said, no one had a crystal ball. They didn’t know how well Dak would play, or how the team would respond to him as the QB. I think the Cowboys handled this as best they could. You simply can’t create a QB controversy as you seem to want to do. Is Romo the better QB between the two? Of course, he’s the veteran and he is Romo,

    But Dak is getting better, week after week. Should they have given him the job after the bye week? Maybe the should have. But they weren’t doing it out of spite, they were doing it because of uncertainty.


    I totally agree. I have been a Cowboys fan since the days of Rodgers Stauback,and the poise,and competetive talent and skill Tony has shown throughout his career, has earned him the respect and right, to lead this Team. It takes more than one player to win or loose, and it’s because his team mates have not done their job, is why he’s so prone to injury.

    John Hasbrook

    Get real. Tony has been a very good quarterback, but never was able to reach the big game or even have success in the playoffs. His body is letting him know it’s time to get out while he can still walk and use his arms. He needs to face the truth and retire as one of the Cowboy’s best quarterbacks. I don’t want to see him hurt again, possibly very badly.

    Michael Lunn

    I agree 100%. People seem to forget how good Romo is. Or that Dak vs. Romo isn’t what changes this team’s record, and that Zeke running it is still the gameplan. What this whole offense revolves around. Ans at one point, someone will lock Zeke and that O Line up, and we’ll need a 400 yard passer. And at this point in his career, as much as I love the guy, Dak just ain’t it.

    Jermaine Greene

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying…people keep saying I’m hating on Dak…I’m not I’m glad he winning…but winning also Hides the ugly….HE’S OUR FUTURE 4 SURE….but Tony is better….TONY is the Now…this ARTICLE IS PERFECT….


    100% agree. Romo is the best option for a superbowl this year. I hate that I can’t continue to look at Dak as favorably now that I see they won’t go with Romo with him in the way. Especially when I wanted to draft him while the Cowboys were doing everything they could to mess it up before settling with their second fourth round pick. I was super excited with his play and now have resentment creeping in due to my belief that Romo has the better shot at the championship. Hopefully Dak continues to progress and it becomes a mout point by the time the playoffs roll around.

    Margie Arevalo

    Tony Romo has been the back bone of this team during good and bad times. He has the experience to his advantage and he knows how to get the job done . I’m not hating on Dak but I’m not happy that Romo was not given the opportunity that he has earned being our QB. He is a champion and I keep praying that he gets the opportunity to lead this team


    I agree with you Brian I think they will put romo in when playoffs run and if romo succeed the first two quarters the cowboys will stick too him all the way if not they will put dak back in do you agree or disagree there

    M Cokenour

    I agree that Romo is the better QB. I am just not sure how you could handle this whole situation delicately. You don’t want to screw up the team psyche or momentum. If the team has an inkling of thought that Dak is bringing some magic and the first time Romo misses a few throws and has a pick, the house could crumble a bit. I definitely would like to see Romo as QB, but not certain you can take the chance unless Dak really screws up or is injured. Neither of those things do I want to happen. Maybe I feel Dak starts looking more for that open man downfield, his timing goes some. I certainly don’t want him to end up the next Nick Foles, RG3 or anything, so only want him to change naturally and hope coaches don’t put a seed of hesitancy or doubt in him. Then again, I could be just full of cr@p! Go Cowboys!

    Jamie Smith

    I don’t understand why this is a Dak vs. Tony issue. Dak has played better than any of us imagined he could, but Tony is the better QB at this point. That being said, I recognize that we can’t mess with the team chemistry. I firmly believe that there will be a point this season that Tony will have to come out of the bullpen to save the day. Seeing how many points Dak has left on the field makes me cringe, but he will learn as he gets more experience and pick those points up. There is no doubt Dak is the future, but we’ve been without a title for far too long now. The bottom line is, I would like to see whoever can win us a Super Bowl play QB.

    Leon Manns

    Thank you for saying what I’ve been telling people all season. I wish that others could see this

    billy hill

    10000 percent back what you’re saying Jones chips and he’s like a son to him well how would you treat your real family but they have it is I don’t think Romo is out tomorrow the face Ravens they’re down to the third left offensive tackle Dez Bryant out so do the players on defense are out Claiborne standard Ravens offense in that powerful but their defense or killers and you know they know there’s a third-string left tackle playing they’re going to take advantage of it and the left tackle is the quarterback’s best friend keeps the backside clean Ravens got the best defense in the league Dak my beating herself up all day

    Tracy Eitner

    Well, the reports I just read say that Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant are questionable but expected to play. Dallas would list a player with a hangnail as questionable. We’ll find out at game time.

    I’ve been a Romo fan for a long time because not only is he a very good player, he’s also always been a class act. But, he does seem to try to force plays when the chips are down and make mistakes. He also holds on to the ball too long sometimes. Prescott does make mistakes, but is amazingly good about going to other receivers when his top target is covered. I believe he matured a lot by staying in college and not coming out early. He also avoided some pressure that I’m sure Romo would have either been sacked or tried to force a play and possibly thrown an interception.

    Romo is showing signs of aging which is sad to me, but it happens. He’s taken a beating for all these years and it’s taken its toll on him. Back injuries usually don’t get healed completely if a player continues to play before it heals completely.

    Here’s reality, the goal of a football team is to win. It’s what the fans want and it’s usually what the owners want. Romo is very well paid, so he’s getting rewarded for his loyalty. I understand he’s competitive, but if the best chance to win is for him being the backup, then he should be the backup.

    Just remember that Romo had Demarco Murray and a great offensive line a few years ago and they didn’t win 8 straight. Winning in Green Bay AND Pittsburgh in the same year is something I would never have bet on.

    Would I rather see a favorite player start and miss getting a Super Bowl win or have that player be a backup and have a better shot at a Super Bowl win? I’ll take the latter. Right now, the best option is starting Prescott. I think Romo has shown great character by working with Prescott.

    We’ll see what happens against the Ravens. I live between Baltimore and DC and they coverage here is how concerned the Ravens are about the Cowboys offense. They give up more rushing yards on the road. Cincinnati had the best rushing defense when they came in to play the Cowboys and we saw how that worked out for them. So far, when the Cowboys face a “top defense”, they wind up shredding them.

    No matter who starts, I’ll be watching and cheering them on! And we can thank God that Jerry didn’t get his way and draft Manziel instead of Martin!


    I couldn’t disagree with you more to be honest. Let me just start off saying, that a) I’m a big Romo fan and believe that at the QB position, he’s better than Dak. b) That Romo can do things in the offense that Dak can’t. But with that being said, Dak can do things Tony can’t, like…Stay healthy, extend plays, and whether you realize it or not, Dak’s style a play gives Zeke the opportunity to be at his best!!

    Now do I feel bad for Tony Romo, yes I do. But if this dilima was in my hands I’d go about it the same Damn way!!


    Couldn’t agree more where’s the loyalty in Dallas romo has carried this team on his back for a decade and when he finally gets a workhorse running back they dnt let him play Romo is a far better qb than dak they should let him play

    Adrian Rodriguez

    I believe the cowboys handled the situation right. What if the cowboys after rehabbing put him in a game and again injures himself, you as reporters would come back and say it was too early. For Romo it’s not over Prescott is doing the job. Romo still has three more good years but if he gets injured again that’s it.


    Remember what Jerry Jones did to Terrel Owens. It does not surprise me.

    Mike Young

    Articles like this continue to feed a debate that has already been decided. Just like the presidential campaign the election has been held and the new leader has been chosen. I and a lot of other folks don’t really care who you think is the better QB. Its really not relevant. Likewise, we don’t care how you think the situation should have been handled. It really is a no win situation when you lose your job. Last year we all sat around and watched the inept Cowboys get beaten week after week. I for one knew that we needed to address the QB situation. Not the backup QB situation but the QB situation. This is life. Without realizing it the front office drafted the solution, if the 4th round no less. Not one but two QBs ahead of Prescott were hurt in training, He has played lights out. Regardless of how you feel about his supporting cast, Prescott has given the team what they really needed – high level, reliable play from the QB position. Nobody saw this coming. I mean nobody. No of us can fight fate no matter how unfair or insensitive situation appears. Life goes on. To continue these articles and comments are pointless and more they are a distraction. I just hope the Cowboys collectively as a team were more focused this week on the Ravens than individually on who is the better QB or whether the situation could have been handled better. Beat the Ravens!!

    Mike Young

    No Brian, I did not misunderstand. Its the media’s job including yourself to publish your views (Preferably backed up by facts). I get that. I just don’t always agree with those views. You know or should know that there is no perfect or even best way to handle the Romo situation. If the decision was made earlier it would have been viewed by some as too early. If the decision was made later, then it would have been viewed by some as too late (as you have done here). Although my opinion is that Prescott should have been named the starter sooner, I understand the organization’s reluctance to make an earlier announcement and their deference to Romo to announce he was stepping aside. The real story is that the Cowboys have moved on from Romo as its starting QB. My point is if we consider the situation to have been a debate to influence public opinion and therefore somehow the ultimate decision then that time has passed. That ship has sailed. Now to second guess the handling of the situation by management is another debate. I’m just weary of the debates. Let’s just win baby!

    Mike Young

    Brian, I respect your opinion but I may not always agree. Never fear alienation. When necessary I will always express my opinion even if I stand alone. I appreciate that opportunity.


    There is no doubt that Dak has earned the job; BUT there is also no doubt that Tony Romo has put in the time, effort, and mentoring to still be the face of the franchise. If nothing else, he has earned the right to ride out his career as a Cowboy,

    Rodney Boyd

    The offense would be better if he would’ve started the season off…Romo stays hurt to much and he is also 36….Dak plays not ro turn the ball over …Romo don’t….That’s y we aee 8-1….Next man up!!!!

    Rodney Boyd

    Let him be the best backup in the NFL!!!!

    Richard Ward

    I think the situation with Tony Romo could have been handled better. I realise Dak Prescott has the benefit of youth and a great passing game but as has been said some of the longer passes a more experienced QB like Romo will and should pick up on. Zak is very good but needs maturity to become really great. He may panic a little at times but that is understandable as a rookie.


    I agree 100%! Plus, Romo deserves his shot at a Superbowl! He’s earned it! I would love to see him silence the critics!


    Let me see If I can make this simple, first of this is how Tony got the job, Bledsoe was injured and did not get the job back. Why, Tony infused the team they played better with and for him. Now flash forward Dak, just like Tony has infused the team, they play way better for him than they did for Tony.

    Is Tony the better QB, of course but then again so was Bledsoe when Tony took his job. What has really killed Tony was that he became predictable, he basically threw to Witten and Dez , Dak spreads the ball around, the team sees him as a leader, something that has dogged Tony his entire time in Dallas. He is a statistical marvel, but was not as inspiring.

    So while some may not think it is fair, it is business, and this team can make a run that Tony just has not been able to do. I am for the team, whomever helps us win is the guy I want.


    Brian, This offense is scoring more points than it did with Romo during his best season in 2014, the offense averaged 28.3 ppg compared to the 28.7 they are averaging now. Statistically they may have been better, but statistics are not on the scoreboard. I like Romo, but he had is chance and he has been out with a broken something the last two times he has been hit, the one in the Preseason game was not even a crushing hit.

    I see in him the same thing I saw in Aikman near the end, fear of getting hurt. And anyone that has played the game knows, if you try to avoid it, you will be hurt. But I don’t believe we would have this record with Romo, because I don’t believe he can inspire the guys on the other side of the ball (defense) to play above their talent. When a rookie comes in that no one expected to do anything this year shows that the game is not to big for him, the guys in the locker room take notice and believe more in themselves and what they can do that everyone else says the can’t. It is just that simple.

    Leon Manns

    Please don’t let this end up like Steve Burline & Troy Aikman hot hand experience. We saw what happened in the same kind of situation that we are dealing with now. I don’t like having my veteran qb sitting on the side bc u think we should stay with the hot hand. Ask Jimmy Johnson about that

    Mike Young

    I keep reading Romo is the better QB. I don’t know if I agree with that. Romo is the more experienced QB. What really matters is wins and losses. There is no debate at this point Prescott is a winner. So why should anyone care who is the better QB? Another theme I keep reading is Romo deserves to lead this team and ride off into the sunset as a Super Bowl champion. I agree but so does hundreds if not thousands of NFL players who never achieved that elusive glory. I’ve always admired Tony Romo and I respect him more now than ever because he could have demanded to be the starter. But ultimately he respected the decision of the decision makers, some of whom also are his close friends. But what I respect most is he did what is best for his team.

    Mike Young

    Okay Brian but I see Prescott with better movement than Romo at this point. Better able to escape and deal with pressure. He brings a running game. He’s less predictable. He protects the ball really well. He doesn’t force throws. He plays with a ton of energy and he has been clutch. All of which are keys to winning games. I do agree with you that it would be nice to silence the Romo-Haters but we may never get that chance.

    Mike Young

    Brian, glad you agree that Prescott brings the running threat. And rookie or not I really like Prescott’s poise. He may not completely understand the defensive schemes and coverages at this point but he keeps finding ways to win. He will find a way to beat you and he hasn’t beat himself.

    Mike Young

    I agree and I’m confident that he will.

    Mike Young