Raise your hand if you're undergoing surgery on a fractured distal clavicle today.

Put your hand down, Tony! You're in the middle of surgery for crying out loud!

Tony Romo is officially undergoing a Mumford procedure today. This procedure shaves off/removes a portion of Tony's clavicle in an effort to minimize pain and discomfort where the clavicle meets the shoulder.

Romo had been considering a different type of procedure pretty recently, which involved attaching a plate to his collarbone, but elected go to the Mumford route. The surgery is going on today and the hope is that Tony will miss zero time as he fully heals.

The recovery time here is between six to eight weeks so Romo should absolutely be ready for offseason workouts. Given that will in all likelihood be fully healed as well, we'll get to see some action between the team's two biggest offensive weapons after having been without it for most of 2015.

This is hardly uncharted waters for the organization. Hall of Famer , the NFL's All-Time Leading Rusher, underwent the exact same procedure in the 1990s.

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