Tony Romo’s Wife Says “People Don’t Get to See His Funny Side…”

It’s June 3rd and that means that the Cowboys are gearing up for 2015 with OTAs and soon, minicamps and training camp in Oxnard, CA. But while Tony Romo is with his teammates, working hard preparing for the season to come, his wife is giving fans some heavily craved insight into the life of the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback.

Candice Romo sat down with NBC5 in Dallas/Fort Worth to discuss a bit of life off-the-field with her husband.

When asked about the flak Tony takes from fans and media, she said: “As a wife, what’s hard and sad is that I love him so much and what he does everything about him. You want everyone to love your just as much as you do. “People don’t get to see his funny side and off-the-field personality, and what he does at home.” Tony Romo recently made his debut on Twitter; it was a long awaited event for many Cowboys fans, including all of us behind @CowboysNation on Twitter.

One of the things I’ve often wondered is what it must be like to be the son of Tony Romo. At just 1 and 3 years old, Rivers and Hawkins, respectively, apparently just see him as Daddy, and not as one of the most famous athletes in the NFL.

“To them, daddy is daddy,” she said.

She went on to say that “They don’t know him as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and they probably shouldn’t…”

Candice Romo also gave some insight into how Tony likes to spend his free time. “We are big movie people.” Adding that when he wants to escape after a losing a game, they’re escape is usually through movies.

Be sure to check out the interview for yourself. After you’ve watched the video above, head over to NBC-DFW’s Blue Star blog for the full story.

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Bryson Treece

Written by Bryson Treece

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