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Top 10 Draft Prospects for Cowboys

Jess Haynie



Cowboys Headlines - Top 10 Draft Prospects for Cowboys 4

You’re going to hear a lot of talk about “big boards” over the next five-and-a-half weeks until the NFL Draft. In case you don’t know, someone’s big board is their ranking of the eligible college players. Whether it’s the national pundits like Mel Kiper and Todd McShay or each individual team, everyone has their own list of players ranked by their perceived quality and pro potential.

With the Cowboys having the fourth-overall pick you can narrow the field somewhat among the draft’s elite prospects. Even if they trade down I can’t imagine Dallas dropping lower than tenth, still needing some significant talent upgrades at several positions. So, with the assumption that they will select somewhere in the draft’s first ten picks, here are my Top 10 prospects for the Cowboys.

1. Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida St.

Cowboys Blog - Rumor Mill: Jalen Ramsey #1 On Dallas Cowboys Draft Board 1Regardless of who else is available I think the Cowboys have to take Ramsey if they get the chance. Not only does he have the look of an elite player but plays a position that Dallas needs help with now and especially next year.

Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, Barry Church, and J.J. Wilcox could all be free agents next year. Not only does Ramsey help you with future roster needs but he may be immediately better than at least a few of these players, if not all of them. His versatility to play corner or safety pairs wonderfully with Byron Jones, allowing Dallas to play them at whatever position suits them best and not be forced by need.

Dallas fans may be nervous about taking a defensive back early given recent history with Claiborne and even going back to Terence Newman. Claiborne has been very disappointing and Newman, while a solid longtime veteran, never lived up to being a fifth-overall pick. However, other highly-drafted secondary players such as Patrick Peterson, Eric Berry, and Joe Haden have all proven true to their hype.

2. Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio St.

The Cowboys are going to need help at defensive end and Bosa is the best prospect of the class. I don’t think he’s the next J.J. Watt as some do but I think he’d be a Day One starter and a stalwart on your defensive line for ten years.

Draft Blog - Cowboys Draft: Why I've Changed my Mind on Joey Bosa 1Sometimes you can’t get too caught up in where you’re drafting. I don’t love Bosa as a top-five pick but I would be more than happy if the Cowboys were taking him in the 10-12 range. They likely couldn’t trade down to there and still get him, so at a certain point you just have to suck it up and take the guy when you’re on the clock.

While you never want to reach on a player out of need, many would argue that Bosa going fourth overall is no reach. He is currently Scout Inc’s top-rated prospect at any position and is in the top five on most boards. He has his doubters, but at this stage in the game many of the top prospects start getting picked apart after months of scrutiny.

3. Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio St.

I am on the record as saying I don’t like the idea of spending such a high pick on a running back. We got a 1,000-yard season out of a scrap heap free agent in Darren McFadden last year and saw DeMarco Murray, a former third-round pick, break Emmitt Smith’s single-season record in 2014. Dallas has built an offensive line that get production out of just anyone that isn’t mentally disturbed.

That said, Elliott looks like a truly special player. He has dominated his position both on the field and at the combine. You could take him now and, conceivably, not worry about running back for at least the next four years. Some say he’s the best overall talent in the entire draft.

4. Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

Cowboys Headlines - Top 10 Draft Prospects for Cowboys 1Some will say this is too low for Jack but I’m considering team need in this ranking. Dallas has their top two linebackers set with Sean Lee and Rolando McClain. Remember, the Cowboys play a lot of nickel so they tend to have just two linebackers on the field more often than three.

The case for taking Jack would be mostly his potential to replace McClain next year and the health concerns with both McClain and Lee. Jack would be an immediate upgrade over Dallas’ other players at the position. Jack is especially attractive for our defense given his abilities in pass coverage, which Rod Marinelli asks plenty of from his linebackers.

Though not the most immediate need, Jack’s talent is considerable and he could become a superstar in this scheme. There is the red flag of his knee injury last year but that hasn’t stopped anyone from projecting him as a top-five prospect.

5. Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss

I wrote a full article about what Dallas should consider if Tunsil were to fall them at number four. To summarize, I think the Cowboys could take him and not feel bad about loading up their offensive line. He should be an immediate upgrade over Doug Free and would give them total stability on the offensive line for at least the next four or five years.

In all likelihood, Dallas would use Tunsil’s availability as a lure to find a trade partner and get some extra picks. However, if they ultimately chose to take him, there are plenty of good reasons to do so. Check out the full article for more.

6. Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Florida

Cowboys Headlines - Top 10 Draft Prospects for CowboysWhile some wouldn’t like Hargreaves as a top-five pick I think he fits our defense very well. His detractors tend to focus on his size but he’s not any smaller than Ronde Barber was, who might have been the best corner to ever play in this Cover 2 scheme. Hargreaves is also much quicker than Barber was, giving him potential to get a break on balls when playing out of the zone.

There is still high potential that Dallas will cut Brandon Carr after the draft for cap savings, which would leave them with just Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick as proven players if they decide to keep Byron Jones at safety. That creates a clear need for a corner and Hargreaves should be able to contribute immediately.

7. Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota St.

The consensus on the draft’s top two quarterbacks is that Wentz has the most upside but that Jared Goff is more ready to play right now. Since the Cowboys still have at least a year or two of Tony Romo then they should obviously go with the upside pick.

Only the Cowboys know how much longer they really expect Romo to last.  Jerry Jones says one thing but that’s all about public relations. Hoping that Romo can play another three or four years is great but so far his body doesn’t appear able to hold up to that. I think two more years of Romo is more likely as he can be released in 2018 for $16 million in cap savings.

Cowboys Blog - Dallas Cowboys Draft: Carson Wentz Film ReviewI’m not in love with spending this pick on a player who isn’t sure to help you immediately, given that Dallas is trying to win now with Romo and their other veteran leaders. However, you can’t deny that this is a rare opportunity to snag a quiarterback with Wentz’s potential. Like I said with Bosa, sometimes you just have to take the hand you’ve been dealt in terms of draft positioning and focus on talent acquisition. Wentz solves your backup quarterback issues immediately and takes quarterback out of your scouting process for the next several years. That kind of security is not a bad thing.

8. DeForest Buckner, DE/DT, Oregon

Dallas could take Buckner and leave themselves with options for next year. He would likely start at defensive end but they could move him inside and play Tyrone Crawford outside. If they can’t get Joey Bosa then the Cowboys may have to make this move just to cover their bases at defensive line next year.

Listed at 291 pounds, Buckner may sound more like a tackle. You have to keep in mind that he’s 6’7″ and is leaner than that weight normally indicates. You might compare him to Julius Peppers and Mario Williams, similarly tall and large players who’ve played as outside rushers. Buckner didn’t run as fast a 40-yard dash as them but top speed isn’t as important as the ability to get off blocks, which Buckner does very well for his size.

9. Leonard Floyd, DE/OLB, GeorgiaCowboys Headlines - Top 10 Draft Prospects for Cowboys 2

Cowboys Headlines - Top 10 Draft Prospects for Cowboys 3He’s considered more of a 3-4 outside linebacker but is an exceptional enough pass rusher to work in any scheme. Floyd’s talent and potential are very comparable to Randy Gregory‘s last year, just without the personal baggage that pushed Gregory to the second round.

If taken, Floyd could potentially play as the Sam linebacker in the base defense and then move down to be an edge rusher in the nickel scheme. Like Gregory, he will need to focus on adding weight and developing his body to become a full-time defensive end. One of the fast risers in terms of draft stock right now, Floyd is emerging as a consensus top-ten talent and would help the Cowboys with their biggest need.

10. Jared Goff, QB, California

Let’s pretend the Cowboys traded down and then didn’t land any of the aforementioned players. If Goff’s available then they might trade down again, but you could apply everything I said about Wentz here. Goff is still a top prospect and a worthy option as Romo’s future replacement.


Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

  • Bryson Treece

    I guess it's pretty clear you're not for QB at #4. But it's a good list. The way the Cowboys have been drafting lately, whether they go QB, S, DL, et. all in the first, I'm confident it'll be a valuable addition. Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Zack martin, Byron Jones… Dallas has been on a roll with super-productive first round picks lately.

  • Johnathan

    No Shaq Lawson?

  • Sean Martin
    Bryson T.

    I guess it's pretty clear you're not for QB at #4. But it's a good list. The way the Cowboys have been drafting lately, whether they go QB, S, DL, et. all in the first, I'm confident it'll be a valuable addition. Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Zack martin, Byron Jones… Dallas has been on a roll with super-productive first round picks lately.

    Agreed, which is why they key this year will be to make sure they also hit on the 34th pick and beyond. I'm confident their second round pick will make a very big impact. Guys like Josh Doctston, William Jackson III, Andrew Billings, and Ronald Blair would all be great to get. Then we all already know who I want in the third or fourth round – Devontae Booker.

  • Jess Haynie
    Bryson T.

    I guess it's pretty clear you're not for QB at #4.

    You are correct. I would much rather they add talent to help this year's team maximize its potential. We can worry about Romo's heir next year, and hopefully with a stronger class than what this draft offers. There's part of me worried that Wentz and Goff are both overrated because they're the best of a weak bunch.

  • Jess Haynie User

    No Shaq Lawson?

    Lawson was going to be one of the next names listed if I'd kept going. I debated between him and Floyd for that 9th spot but ultimately felt Floyd was the more intriguing prospect and liked his DE/OLB versatility for our current needs.

  • Jess Haynie
    Sean Martin

    Guys like Josh Doctston, William Jackson III, Andrew Billings, and Ronald Blair would all be great to get.

    I'll have to remember those names when I start profiling 2nd Round possibilities. I'm going to start with Kevin Dodd this week.

  • Sean Martin

    If Dodd is there at 34, they'll definitely give him strong consideration

  • Zac Fields

    To be honest, I've softened on the non-QB draft prospects in a huge way as we've gotten closer and closer to the draft.

    • I don't like Joey Bosa. I don't think he's a generational talent. Maybe I'm wrong, but after watching his tape and watching the combine, I don't see a 12+ sack guy in Bosa.
    • Jalen Ramsey is definitely interesting, but I've even got doubts about him. He had zero interceptions last year. It is extremely rare for a guy to have zero picks and then be regarded as a top 10 draft pick, and I worry that he's being given too much credit for his athleticism. I LOVE athletic, fast guys but at #4 I want to know this guy is the next coming of Patrick Peterson. When a guy floats around from corner to safety in college, that tells me he's dynamic but it also makes me worry that he didn't have one of those positions on lock-down enough that they wouldn't want to move him. The lack of turnovers is a red flag, though. How big of a red flag is dependent on your perspective.
    • Deforest Buckner is just not a good fit, here. I like him more than Bosa, but I like him more as a 3-4 DE than a 4-3 DE. I really think he would have to be a 3-tech DT, and we've got one of those.
    • I have no questions about Ezekiel Elliot and would love for them to draft him, but I don't know if they'd pull the trigger at #4. I get the impression that RB is not a position they're prepared to invest that kind of money into.

    The more I soften on these other guys, the more sense it makes (to me) to draft Wentz or Goff. I'm starting to believe that this is the perfect year to either strike on Elliot or Wentz/Goff. Even if you have to trade back or something, This year's talent at the top just suggests it's a great opportunity to take a shot.

  • Sean Martin

    Byron Jones didn't have an INT for Dallas this year but everyone was thrilled with the performance they got out of him. Just a thought on the Ramsey analysis. Rest of this is spot on

NFL Draft

Sean’s Scout: UTSA’s Marcus Davenport Fills Pass Rush Need for Cowboys

Sean Martin



Sean's Scout: UTSA's Marcus Davenport Fills Pass Rush Need for Cowboys
Daniel Dunn / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is not often at all that a team picking 19th overall may be out of range to draft a small school prospect, but this is rightfully the case for the Dallas Cowboys and UTSA’s Marcus Davenport. For scouts who only care about how these prospects can help their NFL teams, Davenport has all of the traits to be an impact defensive end the second he enters the league.

Should the Cowboys find themselves in position to draft Marcus Davenport in the first round, he would fill an immediate need as another pure pass rusher to pair with DeMarcus Lawrence.

Firmly a first round player on my 2018 NFL Draft Board, let’s take a closer look at Davenport’s potential fit in Dallas.

Davenport5 – Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

What is most exciting about Davenport’s projection to the NFL is that he’s an ideal right defensive end prospect that played mostly on the left side in college. That means Davenport is stout against the run as a powerful player who also displays freakish speed, dip, and balance as a quarterback hunter.

“Simply forcing offensive tackles to respect his rare combination of speed and dip allows Marcus Davenport to knock them backwards with hands-above-eyes technique.”

Davenport1 – Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

This quote and accompanying film clip comes from my full scouting report on Marcus Davenport on Slant Sports. There simply aren’t many EDGE prospects at the top of any given draft as complete as Davenport, while still showing elite upside to get even better.

Davenport does not exactly have a plan for each of his rushes, but pointing him at the quarterback on every play from the RDE spot in Dallas could do him nothing but good from day one. This is a player who captures the corner with ease, thanks to his burst and length, doing so with the balance to absolutely punish blockers.

When Marcus Davenport hits someone, they go backwards. This is a great thing to say about any defensive prospect, particularly a pass rusher who can also bend the corner.

Davenport4 – Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

“There simply aren’t many snaps on which he allows a blocker to work inside of his frame.”

The only slight projection that has to be made on Davenport playing defensive end with the Cowboys is his transition from playing mostly in a two-point stance to putting his hand on the ground. This technical change does little to affect a defensive end’s pass rush approach.

The strength Marcus Davenport shows in his hands is absolutely stunning, and equally as impressive is his controlled acceleration ability. These two traits alone are more than enough to expect Davenport to be able to beat left tackles at the next level with consistency, attacking them before they can reach this lengthy prospect.

“Tapping into Davenport’s full potential could be as simple as getting him in the habit of rushing the half man on every rep, but expecting him to do so right away is a projection.”

With Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli notorious for getting the most out of his defensive linemen, there is no question that Dallas is an ideal landing spot for Marcus Davenport to instantly reach his full potential.

The key to unleashing Davenport on the NFL will be teaching the mental aspects of the position to a player who dominated with raw traits in college.

Davenport3 – Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

The Cowboys have some numbers to sort out at defensive end before the draft, as the likes of Charles Tapper and Randy Gregory could potentially give them enough of a presence across from Lawrence to warrant looking elsewhere with the 19th overall pick.

Of course, Dallas also used last year’s first selection on DE Taco Charlton — who took major strides in his game towards the end of 2017.

None of this should deter them from reinforcing their defensive front with another versatile pass rusher.

Marcus Davenport has a legitimate case to come off the board within the first 15 picks of the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft, making him a great value for the Cowboys, slated to pick 19th.

Sean Martin ✭ on Twitter

My latest scouting report is UTSA’s Marcus Davenport. Get to know this tenacious EDGE prospect —

Tell us what you think about “Sean’s Scout: UTSA’s Marcus Davenport Fills Pass Rush Need for Cowboys” in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!


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NFL Draft

Cowboys Land Small School WR in Latest PFF Mock Draft

Kevin Brady



Cowboys Land Small School WR In Latest PFF Mock Draft
Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post

It’s officially draft season around the NFL, meaning — whether you like it or not — it’s now mock draft season. Pro Football Focus is the latest of the national football media outlets to release a mock draft. Their version of the draft was controversial towards the top, but their pick for the Cowboys was equally intriguing.

PFF has the Cowboys taking Colorado State Wide Receiver Michael Gallup, with the 19th overall pick, a player they graded with a 92.1 in 2017.

“Dallas could go a number of ways here, but they add another receiving threat in Gallup, who can win with speed down the field and toughness at the catch point. He was the nation’s top-graded receiver in 2017 at 92.1 overall, and he adds another weapon for QB Dak Prescott.”

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Michael Gallup. As I stated in my scouting report of Michael Gallup for Slant Sports, I believe he is one of the top-five receivers in the 2018 draft class. Gallup caught 100 passes last season for Colorado State, finishing with 1,413 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns.

At 6’1″ and about 200 pounds, Michael Gallup is the perfect productive Z receiver that any NFL offense would want.

nfldraft2018 michael gallup 2 – Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

Gallup is a smart, athletic, and tough wide out, with consistent hands and excellent ball tracking skills. He was incredibly productive in college, and should be able to contribute to an NFL offense right away as a rookie.

Drafting Gallup in the first round, however, may not be the best move.

I think he’s a fantastic day-two option for the Cowboys. But if they were to pass on Vita Vea and Roquan Smith for Michael Gallup, as they did in this PFF mock draft, I don’t think Cowboys Nation would be too happy.

Of course, this is just one of many mock drafts circling around the inter-webs, but Michael Gallup would be a great fit for the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas desperately needs this type of wide out in their offense, but I hope they can get him 50th overall, rather than 19th.


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NFL Draft

Cowboys Draft Target: Virginia Tech LB Tremaine Edmunds

Brian Martin



Cowboys Draft Target: Virginia Tech LB Tremaine Edmonds 1

Draft season! Draft season! Draft season! Pardon my excitement, but it’s one of my favorite times of the year. We all get the chance to study and speculate about the new crop of rookies coming in and determine their potential fit with NFL teams, and in this case, the Dallas Cowboys.

This draft season, especially, is shaping up to be an exciting one because the Cowboys have clear needs pretty much across the board. That means there is no clear answer as to which direction they will go with any of their draft picks, especially when they’re on the clock at 19 in the first round.

There is of course one draft need that has to be near the top of the list, if not #1 overall.

There can be no arguing the Dallas Cowboys absolutely need to address the linebacker position, especially with Sean Lee’s continued health concerns and Anthony Hitchens‘ potential departure via free agency.

Finding linebacker depth through the draft is a must!

A lot of Cowboys fans have already become enamored with former Georgia Bulldogs LB Roquan Smith, and rightfully so.

Smith will likely be the first linebacker off the board when the 2018 NFL Draft gets underway, which means he won’t be available for the Cowboys at 19.

But don’t be disheartened Cowboys fans, I think there is a linebacker in this draft class who possesses the God-given talent to be even better. Let me introduce you to a linebacker who I believe has Superstar potential.

Virginia Tech LB Tremaine Edmunds

Tremaine Edmunds checks all the boxes for an NFL linebacker. He is one of the more intriguing prospects in this entire draft class because of his versatility to play in any scheme. But, most intriguing is he is slated to be the second youngest (19) prospect ever drafted, only Amobi Okoye was younger.

But don’t let his youth fool you; he’s a monster on the field.

Tremaine Edmunds is a natural in so many phases of the game, and it has everything to do with his rare athleticism.

Edmunds has the size of an edge player (6’5″, 250), but the movement/athleticism of the smaller and quicker linebackers we’ve seen become popular around the NFL. To put it simply, he looks like a lion, but moves like a gazelle in the open field with his long strides and flexible hips.

Here’s an example of his loose/flexible hips in coverage.

Tremaine Edmunds loose hips in coverage – Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

This isn’t a play you would typically ask a 6’5″, 250-pound man to make, but Tremaine Edmunds makes it look easy.

On this particular play, Edmunds drops into his hook/curl zone coverage. He then realizes the quarterback has decided to pull the ball down and scramble. He shows excellent field awareness and breaks from his coverage responsibility to make the open field tackle on the QB, despite the referee getting in the way.

This play probably wouldn’t have been possible if Edmunds was unable to flip his hips to change direction in order to make the tackle after covering the tight end. He does this with ease.

What I really like about Tremaine Edmunds is his versatility to play in any kind of defensive front/scheme. But, I personally believe he fits best in a 4-3 scheme, which is why I think he makes an excellent Cowboys draft prospect.

I think he fits best in the 4-3 scheme because of all of the different positions he can play. In the 4-3 scheme, Edmunds could play:

MIKE (middle): He has tremendous gap-shooting ability and play anticipation.
SAM (strong-side): He has the ability to stop the run and still drop into coverage.
EDGE: He has the size, athleticism, flexibility, and explosion.

Tremaine Edmunds played all of these positions while at Virginia Tech, and I think he could even play WILL (weak-side) as well, but that’s something he wasn’t asked to do in college.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Edmunds at MIKE:

Tremaine Edmunds read/react – Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

Here you see Tremaine Edmunds playing the MIKE LB position. He quickly reads and diagnoses the play, shooting the gap to make the tackle for a loss on third down.

It’s an excellent play and shows the God-given talent he was born with. You can’t teach those kind of instincts.

Edmunds at SAM:

Tremaine Edmunds covering RB – Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

On this particular play, Edmunds is lined up at the SAM LB position and has responsibility of covering the running back out of the backfield. Not only does he once again show his loose hips in coverage, but he makes an excellent open-field tackle on third down for a minimal gain to get the defense off the field.

Edmunds at EDGE:

Tremaine Edmunds off the edge – Streamable

Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

Tremaine Edmunds was also utilized as an edge rusher, at times, while at Virginia Tech. Here you see him lined up in a two-point stance on the defense’s left side.

At the snap of the ball, you can really see his first-step explosion, natural bend and athleticism.

The TE trying to block him had no chance, and Edmunds probably would have gotten the sack if not for the slight hold and the QB’s ability to get rid of the ball quickly.

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

As you can see, Tremaine Edmunds is an intriguing prospect for the Dallas Cowboys, and could probably start right away at the SAM LB position while also providing much-needed depth in other areas.

He’s not a polished prospect by any means, he’s still raw, but I believe he has the upside to be one of the great ones.

If I were to compare him to a current NFL player, I would compare him to either Anthony Barr (Vikings) or Jamie Collins (Browns). Both players have been successful as inside linebackers as well as edge players in the NFL, and that’s what I envision Edmunds will do in his career.

I think Edmunds is going to open a lot of eyes once we get further into the draft process, especially after he puts on a show at the combine. He will likely shoot up draft boards, which means he should be in play for the Dallas Cowboys with the 19th overall selection. I have absolutely zero concerns about taking him there.

What do you think about Tremaine Edmunds as a Cowboys draft prospect?


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