Cowboys’ Top-Five Needs as Free Agency Nears

    We're just a few more days away from the official start of the NFL free agency period. Many things could and likely will happen between now and March 9th: Brandon Carr's , Morris Claiborne and Rolando McClain being re-signed, and contracts being restructured. The Cowboys' true spending power for next week's market is yet to be determined.

    For today, let's take a snapshot of were things are and what the biggest needs will be if nothing changes before next Wdnesday. Here are the five biggest roster needs as of now:

    1. Defensive End

    Already a top concern before a few weeks ago, the need drastically increased with the news of 's four-game suspension. With , , and all currently free agents, that leaves just DeMarcus Lawrence and Ryan Russell as signed players who could play in Week One.

    Cowboys Headlines - Cowboys' Top-Five Needs as Free Agency Nears
    Lawrence is the Cowboys' only reliable DE for Week One right now.

    With seven sacks in his final eight games of 2015, Lawrence is sure to start no matter who's added. Russell was a fifth-round pick last year who was inactive in 11 of 12 games and then went on injured reserve. Clearly, the need for help is enormous.

    Comments last week from made it fairly clear that Hardy will not be re-signed. Dallas could look to bring back Mincey or Crawford, perhaps even both, on minor deals. However, they will certainly look to add a true starter to pair with Lawrence even after Gregory's suspension is over.

    At this point, Gregory hasn't shown he can be more than a situational pass-rusher. As promising as he looked in last year's , the and lack of performance afterwards are concerning. Now with the drug-related suspension, Dallas can't count on Gregory until he improves his track record.

    Even if Gregory was reliable Dallas would still be in the market for defensive ends. Whether it's bringing back some of their own free agents or adding fresh faces, they should be active at this position over the next two months. With Gregory's issues, the fourth-overall pick in April's draft is also a possibility.

    2. Cornerback/Safety

    The position flexibility of Byron Jones makes it hard to separate the . Stephen Jones recently said that they would like to play him at but that the decision is not final. Obviously, the next two months go will play a major part in where Byron is ultimately used.

    Cowboys Headlines - Cowboys' Top-Five Needs as Free Agency Nears 1
    Claiborne could be back, but with how much responsibility?

    Stephen also said that Dallas hopes to bring back free agent Morris Claiborne. What Claiborne gets paid will be a strong indicator of the level of trust they have in him. I would expect a modest deal befitting a number-three corner or occasional starter. Anything beyond that would be, hopefully, out of Dallas' price range.

    With Orlando Scandrick returning from a major knee injury and Carr likely to be cut in the next week or so, there's still significant need even if Claiborne returns. Dallas will need to add one player of consequence at either corner or safety depending on where they want to play Byron Jones.

    They may need two secondary players if they look to completely overhaul the safety position. Barry Church could be released for $4.25 million in cap relief and J.J. Wilcox would save $1.65 million. With Jones ready to fill one spot they may look to add an upgrade beside him and let both of last year's starters go. But again, Jones playing safety increased need at cornerback.

    Many are likely looking past free agency to the draft, hoping that from Florida State will fall to the Cowboys. It's a dangerous scenario to let the top free agents and rely on the draft to fill needs. Perhaps Dallas sees Claiborne as their insurance policy and are okay with him starting next year.

    I like danger in my movies. I occasionally eat stuff well past the expiration date. I've been known to drive with about half my windshield still covered in frost.

    Living dangerously with your secondary, though? That's more than I can handle!

    3. Backup Quarterback

    Though some believe he can heal the sick and walk on water, isn't good enough to be our primary backup . Sorry to any of my readers who are proud and faithful Kellenites, but there's just no getting around it.

    Cowboys Headlines - Cowboys' Top-Five Needs as Free Agency Nears 2
    Dallas needs more, not Moore, behind Romo.

    Yes, Moore was better than Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel. But he also threw six interceptions in three games and lost them all. If Dallas gets back to being a contending team, as we all hope, then you want someone who knows how to manage a game and play within his own limitations.

    I get why people like Moore. He's a small guy with some flash in his game. But between those flashes are the potential for game-killing mistakes. Until you trust a guy to do enough good that you can suffer the bad, such as Dallas' relationship with Tony Romo, then that guy isn't a great option for your primary backup.

    I do not believe that Dallas will take a quarterback in the first round and will dive deeper into that topic in my next article. I would expect a third or fourth-round pick to be used on a developmental player who may even be good enough to challenge for the role now. That “maybe” factor means they will need someone else on staff in case the rookie needs some time.

    Moore will likely be back to compete, but Dallas needs to look at some of the available free agent quarterbacks. Colt McCoy stands out as one with enough experience and proven ability to be a quality option and probably upgrade from Moore. To really confuse things, they could also look at to compete with Kellen.

    4. Defensive Tackle

    Though a season-long shoulder injury slowed him down, Tyrone Crawford's 2015 season was a disappointment after getting a big, new contract. Dallas will hope that he can get back to the player they thought they were paying for and will likely restructure his deal in the next few days to get more cap space.

    Cowboys Headlines - Cowboys' Top-Five Needs as Free Agency Nears 3
    Hayden is well-liked but ultimately not that effective.

    The big question is what they do at the other spot. is a free agent and is a polarizing figure. Coaches seem to love him but statistical analysis says otherwise.

    In Hayden's three years as a starter the Cowboys have had been in the bottom-third of the league in run twice. He has zero sacks in three seasons. What impact can you say he's really having?

    If Hayden walks that leaves Dallas with a motley assortment of options. , who recently received the Perfect Attendance Award from the injury , has a year left on his contract. was a bright spot last year before injury and should be back to compete.

    Compounding the issue is the potential loss of defensive ends who had the size to play inside, such as Hardy, Mincey, and Jack Crawford. Even if one or two of them do return and help the numbers, Dallas should still be thinking about upgrading a spot that I feel they've neglected for too long by sticking with Hayden.

    5. Linebacker

    If Rolando McClain is re-signed, as Stephen Jones said they were hoping to do, then this becomes a lesser concern. Despite the mutual injury issues of McClain and , Dallas has some decent depth options in , and . They could survive next year without a major addition.

    Cowboys Headlines - Cowboys' Top-Five Needs as Free Agency Nears 4
    If McClain does not come back, becomes a critical need.

    If McClain doesn't come back then things get much more critical. I think Dallas could live with a starting three of Lee, Hitchens, and one of Gachkar or Wilson. However, even if they re-sign free agent Kyle Wilber, there would still be a major concern about depth.

    Dallas will be in a position to draft one of the top overall prospects in linebacker . They may be considering Jack even if McClain returns. However, as discussed before with cornerback, you're playing a dangerous game if you wait on the draft to fill needs.

    With McClain back Dallas would be wise to still make a shrewd veteran similar to what they had with in 2013. Versatility would be a plus given the concerns with Lee and McClain's health problems.

    Without McClain, Dallas would need to consider making much bigger signing next week. Even if you believed Sean Lee was never going to miss another game you'd still need one more impact player beside him. Given Lee's , though, you simply have to yourself against losing all dynamic play-making from the middle of your defense.



    Jess Haynie
    Jess Haynie
    Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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    George Johnson

    I don't agree with your analysis about Kellen Moore. I have followed him since he was in high school and have read everything said about him. What you don't understand is how good his pocket passing abilities/skills really are and how he uses these to compensate or overcome his physical limitations. I believe S Linehan believes this also by some of his past comments. I will just give you one little data point to back up my statement; His college coach Peterson said, and I quote, " KELLEN MOORE IS THE BEST POCKET PASSER I HAVE EVER SEEN." K Moore uses his accuracy, anticipation, QB smarts and quick release to compensate for his lack of a strong arm. In college he almost set a new four year record for fewest interceptions, so his lack of a strong arm did not cause interceptions in college. Caldwell the Detroit head coach after the 2014 preseason said K Moore plays consistently, composed and with moxie. K Moore for the preseason had a 108 QB rating, three touchdowns and no interceptions but was playing at 3rd team. His performance in 2015 is somewhat misleading since he did not win any games and did not have high QB stats. However, S Linehan said he played pretty good overall, moved the ball but also made some mistakes. Everyone says he played better than Weeden and Cassel. This is actually really good when you consider it was his first time playing against first team defense. He was only a few better plays away from winning one or even two games. Also, his physical limitations did not show up much in his play which is a really good sign for his future in the NFL. The deficiencies he had (i.e. too many interceptions, too few touchdown throws and not as much accuracy as he has had in the past) are areas he has always excelled at so he is likely to improve/correct these with more experience. I also agree he has earned an opportunity to compete for 2nd team QB position. It will be difficult for most QBs that might be available to beat him out including C McCoy. This is because K Moore has two plus years working with S Linehan and knows the Dallas offense/playbook really well. K Moore will be riding high and very confident after his 2015 performance and he also has the confidence of S Linehan. K Moore has also improved each year in the NFL and is likely to continue improving because of his high QB IQ and work ethic. I expect him to have a very good preseason and may play as well or better than Romo.

    George Johnson

    One more comment that I forgot. You said, " we need someone who knows how to manage a game and play within his limitations" Your implying that is not Kellen Moore. Wow! You don't know K Moore very well because that is one of his greatest strengths. He would make an excellent game manager type QB as he doesn't make many mistakes, is consistent/composed and is extremely knowledgeable about being a QB. His accuracy and short to intermediate passing abilities allow him to move the ball without taking a lot of risks and punt when necessary to maintain field position. In terms of playing within his limitations, again he has a high QB IQ and one of the reasons he can probably play in the NFL is that he does know his limitations and will not try to make a throw that his arm will not allow him to make. Most people say K Moore will be a QB coach and even coach someday because he has a high knowledge of football and being a QB. I believe this comes from having a dad for a coach and being in a constant football environment from the time he could walk. This is also why he is so good and plays so instinctively. Did you know that in high school they said he could run a NFL west coast offense from relentlessly studying and practicing so many NFL tapes?

    RJ Ochoa

    We haven't seen this from Kellen at the NFL level. We have a very small sample size, but nevertheless we haven't seen it. It's irresponsible based on what we HAVE seen to entrust Kellen with anything right now.

    Sent from my iPhone using Pigskin Hub – Pro Football Forums mobile app

    Blue Star

    More Kellen Moore…..If he was soo good why no talks of a trade? Is anybody seeking his services? Nope, I have not even heard crickets.

    Cowboys have been inactive today. I rather see them trade for Mike Glennon.