Top 25 Dallas Cowboys of All Time (25-21)

[tps_header][/tps_header]All-Time Dallas Cowboys Player #25: Tony Romo

[tps_title][/tps_title]It feels as though, throughout his entire career, Tony Romo has carried the stigma that he is not clutch. Too often this narrative diminishes how good Romo has been for the Cowboys.

Tony Romo is second only to Troy Aikman with 29,565 career passing yards, while putting up 259 yards per game – almost 40 more than any other Cowboys quarterback ever. Tony Romo is on top of the Cowboys touchdown list with 208 – 43 more than second place Troy Aikman. Tony Romo has only thrown 101 interceptions – which is less than Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Danny White and Don Meridith. Tony Romo’s quarterback rating of 95.8 towers over any other significant starting quarterback for the Cowboys and sits 5th on the all-time list. Throw in that Romo’s 20 fourth quarter comebacks is the most for any Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Tony Romo has already put together an impressive career with the Cowboys, and more than earned a spot on the top 25.

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Written by Josh Bateman


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