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WATCH: Dak Prescott Talks Learning From And Idolizing Saints QB Drew Brees

While most members of Cowboys Nation love the players who wear the Star more than anyone else, there's a large number of people who have favorite players on other teams. Maybe it's...

Eagles Player Views Dak Prescott And Ezekiel Elliott As Top 3 NFL Players

The Dallas Cowboys will be playing a game against the New York Giants on Sunday, and if they win they will officially be the Kings of the NFC East in 2016. Somewhere out...

RJOShow E29: NFL Films Feature Producer Chris Weaver Talks Cowboys Projects

Wednesdays in August typically mean one thing for hardcore NFL fans - the morning after another great episode of Hard Knocks. The second episode this season (which features the Los Angeles Rams) chronicled more...

#RJOShow Ep. 12: NFL Films Talk With Senior Producer Paul Camarata

Happy Saturday! Long ago we all knew this day as the primetime slot for morning cartoons, but the #RJOShow has quickly taken that place in our hearts! This week the #RJOShow is all about NFL Films. I'm a big fan, admirer, and researcher of NFL History... and part of my process includes the many great works of NFL Films.

NFL Films “A Tale of Two Cities”: A 2-Part Look Into The Rivalry Of The Cowboys & 49ers

It would take more than 30,000 football fields to span the gap between Dallas, TX and San Francisco, CA. But all that distance and the disparate lives of each city's citizens may...
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