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RJOShow Bonus Episode: Cowboys Legend Jay Novacek Talks AdvoCare Classic, Cowboys, And More

The lineage of talent at various positions for the Dallas Cowboys is a fun thing to bring up. There's the 88 Club, the legendary quarterbacks, the incredible running backs... but what about Tight...

RJOShow Episode 34: Cowboys/Texans Preseason Game Breakdown

Whaddup World?! Happy Friday and welcome to football season. We made it! The Dallas Cowboys capped off their pain-inducing 2016 preseason period with a loss at home last night to the Houston Texans. The...

RJOShow Bonus Episode: Tony Romo Injury And Impact On Cowboys

It's been a rough weekend, Cowboys Nation. By now you're well-aware of the tough cookies dealt to the 2016 Dallas Cowboys, 15 days before the season even begins. Tony Romo has a broken...

RJOShow Episode 30: Breaking Down The Cowboys Victory Over Miami

Happy Saturday, Cowboys Nation! Make sure you break out your polos today for #VictoryPoloSaturday, because the Dallas Cowboys won a football game last night! It was amazing! As is the usual routine, the RJOShow...

RJOShow E29: NFL Films Feature Producer Chris Weaver Talks Cowboys Projects

Wednesdays in August typically mean one thing for hardcore NFL fans - the morning after another great episode of Hard Knocks. The second episode this season (which features the Los Angeles Rams) chronicled more...

RJOShow Episode 28: Breaking Down Everything From Cowboys/Rams

Happy Monday, Cowboys Nation! Thanks for bringing your eyes on over here to check this out, and as a special prize we've got a treat for your ears! When the Cowboys and Rams...

#RJOShow Ep.17: NFL News, A Hack, & The Broncos Failed White House Trip

Is it really possible that a team, celebrating a Super Bowl title, could mess up their victory ride through the White House? Yes, the Denver Broncos did it. This week's #RJOShow tackles the Broncos missteps and so much more in an episode that RJ flies Han style... Solo. There are contract extensions dropping like flies around the league so RJ walks you through them and breaks them down one by one in his own unique, and tangential, way.

#RJOShow Ep.16: Nothing But Net With Nick Cocchiaro

The sports world is one that is constantly spinning. These days it's landed on one of its biggest events of the year - The NBA Finals. This week's episode of the #RJOShow was inspired by that, but as usual we put our own unique twist on it. We debuted a new game titled "Nothing But Net." The point of the game is fairly simple.

#RJOShow Ep. 15: Fantasy Football Strategies With Christopher Harris

Have you ever agonized over an NFL game that didn't include your favorite team specifically for the purposes/well intentions of fantasy football? Have you ever basked in the glory of winning your league or had to put up with the shame of coming in last? We've all been there. This week the #RJOShow got fancy with fantasy football! It's the time of year where people are starting to sniff around the fantasy landscape and we brought in someone who is one of the top dogs in that domain, Fantasy Football Expert Christopher Harris.

#RJOShow Ep. 14: How I Met Your Uniform With Marcus Mosher & Ted Nguyen

I'm starting to reach a point in my life where I have enough personal happiness that I'm ready to re-watch the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. The gang of five that frequented MacLaren's bar in New York City is one that I grew close to, and I got closer than I ever have to being a true member when I hung out with my own Ted and Marshall, Ted Nguyen and Marcus Mosher on this week's #RJOShow. The three of us have exchanged many a tweet when it comes to a wide-ranging number of topics concerning the great game of football, but it was a stylish one that was up for dissection on the #RJOShow - NFL Uniforms. Marcus, Ted, and I talked nothing but the get ups that our favorite players wear on Sundays. We dove into what we like about uniforms, what we don't, and a whole lot of in between.

#RJOShow Ep. 13: Introducing QB Libre With Laurie Horesh

Greetings, one and all! While most hotels in America are superstitious and avoid having a 13th floor, the #RJOShow fears not and dropped its 13th episode this week! On the #RJOShow we introduced a new game/segment called QB Libre. If you're unaware a "cuba libre" is a rum and coke cocktail. Similar to that, a QB Libre is a Quarterback and NFL Team cocktail.

#RJOShow Ep. 12: NFL Films Talk With Senior Producer Paul Camarata

Happy Saturday! Long ago we all knew this day as the primetime slot for morning cartoons, but the #RJOShow has quickly taken that place in our hearts! This week the #RJOShow is all about NFL Films. I'm a big fan, admirer, and researcher of NFL History... and part of my process includes the many great works of NFL Films.
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