Would You: Trade For This Stud Defensive End?

    It's no secret that the certainly have wondering what they're going to do at . Demarcus Lawrence is currently the only defensive end under contract who tallied a sack for us last season.

    and haven't been re-signed, and was unable to record a sack through seven games. I wouldn't be as fearful if we had gone out and re-signed Jack Crawford as a nice rotational player who can arguably play any spot along our line. But that's not the case, at least not yet.

    So what do we do?

    Well, never ends. Literally. You can pick up a player for your team and sign them at any point throughout the year. Having said that, the best guys are usually signed, oh, about a week and a half ago. So there isn't exactly a “cream of the crop” left for us to get.

    So let's say we signed Jack Crawford, and he's in line to start the first 4 games of the season, and likely more than that, as your right defensive end. After what most would deem a breakout season, Demarcus Lawrence looks to continue his ascent to the top of the league's left defensive end . is your starting 3-technique, and newly signed DT serves to replace at 1-tech.

    You feeling good about that?

    Eh. Me either. Especilly since likes to rotate his guys, and those four players won't be on the field 100% of the time.

    With Romo's window closing, you could argue that the Cowboys are in “win now” mode. What does that mean? Well, ask the Broncos, who were just in a similar situation with . What did they do? They sold everything and the kitchen sink for the best free agency haul they could get over the past few seasons.

    Well, Jerry and aren't going to go down that road, and they've demonstrated that thus far this .

    That brings me to another option.

    Let me set the stage for you. The first three picks of the draft go:


    #1 #2 #3


    Dallas is sitting on the clock with names like , , Joey Bosa, , and still on the board. Jeff Fisher and Les Snead just made the move to the ever-shiny football market that is Los Angeles.

    They're looking for jersey and ticket sales, similar to what they got when they drafted out of Oklahoma. Throughout the first 3 picks, especially with Cleveland at 2, they've breathed a sigh of relief as their number one player, Jared Goff, has remained in the green room.

    They pick up with phone and dial that Irving, Texas area code and hear Stephen Jones pick up the phone. Snead asks Stephen, “We're looking to move up to get our guy. We just took a look at our roster, and feel comortable that, with your defensive end needs, we'd be willing to part ways with for this pick, AND next year's first rounder.”

    Cowboys Headlines - Would You: Trade For This Stud Defensive End? 1

    Now, Stephen says, “Let me talk to one of my NFC West scouts real quick, Les. Give me a minute.”

    The scout, along with , comes over and Stephen asks them, “What does this guy's production and projected fit look like?”

    Well, he was arguably the league's best pass rusher in 2013, but has since regressed, tallying “only” 10.5 in 2014, and slipped down to 5 last season, but only appeared in 8 games. Having said that, he signed an extremely team friendly deal. If we wanted to cut him after this season, we'd only be looking at a little over a million dollars in dead money, while saving just shy of $9 million. So, we wouldn't be tied to him long term if he didn't work out.

    If you're trading two first rounders for a guy, you're going to keep him for longer than a year.

    “I don't like the idea of two first rounders” says the scout. “See if you can counter with next year's third. I'd like that a lot more.”

    Stephan hops back on the phone and after a bit of back and forth, the Rams agree to Robert Quinn to the Cowboys for our pick this year, and our pick in the 2017 .

    The Cowboys are never in any mood to “pull a Redskin” and mortgage our future for one guy, especially a guy who's already on his second contract. This is a guy who would be an eight-figure cap hit on a line that's got Randy Gregory waiting in the wings. Only problem is, #94 hasn't showed that he can stay out of trouble, so do we really have faith in him to one day be our right end?

    So let me ask you, Cowboys Nation.

    Would you trade this year's 4th overall pick, and next year's third rounder to the Los Angeles Rams for Robert Quinn?

    The Landry Trophy
    The Landry Trophy
    Dallas Cowboys fan since the Drew Bledsoe "era." I love Tony AND Dak. I like to think that I'm the most objective that a fan can get, while still being a diehard, which I truly believe is the 8th wonder of the world. Go Cowboys!!


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    If we get Eliot with their pick yes!

    Bryson T

    We wouldn't get their pick in this scenario. We'd get Quinn at #4 instead of a draft prospect, then it's on to #34 in round 2.


    Hell no! That's the dumbest trade scenario. Especially with all stud DE, RB an or QB sitting there.I'm not trading a 1st and 3rd to get a declining De and potential mid 1st round pick next yr.


    I wouldn't give any more than the 4th over all pick for a player that has shown signs he is declining. If the rams are that set on getting their man that should seem like a good enough deal. You also said if he didn't work out you could dump him after one year…….REALLY??? Who in their right mind would give up a number 4 on a guy your not completely sold on?

    Bryson T

    There's 12 months between being completely sold on him enough for a #4 pick and releasing him because he didn't work out. Nothing is certain, and the way drafts go, this isn't a totally ridiculous trade scenario. But back to the release, his current contract means the only real loss is the pick, no money if he's cut next year. I see what Ian's saying.

    Randy Martin

    Robert Quinn is still only 25 and yet has 5 years in the league already. That is a young veteran with a stellar resume. After his rookie year of 5 sacks he had 40 sacks the next 3 seasons or an average of 13.3 per season. The concern is last year the injuries mounted and included a knee injury, a hip injury, and a back injury. The warning lights are going off! If he has a clean bill of health and if FO believes he is a plug and play guy I would consider trading the #4 pick and a 3rd next year for Quinn and a #5 and a #7 this year as a response to that offer and see what we can come away with. The fact is his production is everything we want from a #4 pick at that position and he's already done it. He's not regressing, he was hurt and if he went 10.5, 19, and 10.5 over the previous 3 years I'd be ok if he gave us 10-12 the first year. But the big question is, what did those injuries from last year do to him.

    Randy Martin

    To set the record straight here looking at the comments. Quinn is not declining! He has had sacks beginning with his rookie season 5, 10.5, 19, 10.5, and 5. This last season was injury plagued and he only played half the season and even when he played he played hurt with knee, hip, and back problems. Ultimately he went on IR. However, he is only 25 and if he is healthy there is no reason to expect him to have less than double digit sacks this season.