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Turnovers Will Be Key To Defense’s Success

Everyone knows the old cliche that “ wins championships”. Obviously you still need to score to win but a great defense can certainly make up for a not so good .

Luckily the Cowboys going into the 2010 season have arguably the most talented offense in the NFL. They will move the ball and they will score points, but the defense will be the key to a home played or not.

Now it's hard to say that the defense could use improvement considering in 2009 they were the 's fourth best overall defense, first in scoring, third against the rush and fifth in .

The one glaring improvement is turnovers. They ranked 26th overall in the NFL in interceptions and having a total of 11 picks will not get it done in 2010. This to create more turnovers period. has been having the team work in the on doing just that.

The Cowboys are also suppose to start playing more press coverage which will allow more opprtunities for interceptions. Can you imagine how much more potent this offense would be with a shortened field?

So what is the best way to create more turnovers? The simplist way is the . Now again it's hard to argue especially considering this team had one of the NFL's best pass rush the last half of the 2009 season.

is the NFL's best rusher. Fans of other teams can argue this until they are blue in the face but he gets it done. The emergence last season of was the key to the pass rush becoming what it was. We all know Jat Ratliff puts pressure on the which is unbelievable for a , but Spencer made the difference. If he continues to improve as predicted the Cowboys will have the best pass rushing outside linebacking tandem in the NFL. That alone will create more turnovers.

Fans and the Cowboys themselves are hoping that can emerge as a good cover . Along with the pass rush I think if Ball can be the player most are predicting than that too will create more interceptions. The safety position has been a sore spot far too long. and are good cover corners with Jenkins expected to be even better this season. is not a great player but he is more than adequate at his safety position. I really think if Ball emerges this team will without a doubt have more than 11 interceptions and will be a top five defense in the NFL.

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