Tweet Break: Bryant and Bayless Dispute, Dak and Zeke by the Numbers

Watching the 4-1 Dallas Cowboys has been an immensely enjoyable experience this season, much like tweeting about the greatest football team in the world has been. Cowboys fans dominate the Twitterverse throughout the week to discuss the Cowboys’ upcoming game win.

You guys make my job easy, as I feature the best tweets each week right here on Tweet Break! Let’s take a look at what’s in store for us prior to Dallas’ visit to Green Bay on Sunday.

Dez Bryant – Good. Skip Bayless – Not Good.

Dez Bryant on Twitter

Thank you bro never thought that once.. Always dreamed of a family feel and we have it … Skip is not a real cowboy fan #bandwagon

Dez Bryant has been vocal on Twitter about a number of topics close to Cowboys Nation, even using the platform to clear the air a few weeks ago about his MRI-turned-non-MRI-turned-circus.

Now, Bryant has had to deal with the notorious Skip Bayless, spewer of absurd Cowboys takes masked in a fake Cowboys’ “fandom”. As you see here, Dez used Bayless’ shot at him to speak out on a much more important narrative going on at The Star – that of team unity and chemistry thanks to Head Coach Jason Garrett.

Dez Bryant on Twitter

@RealSkipBayless slow down brother I said it because you said it…

This back and forth would not end here though, as Bryant came back to elaborate on the fact that Bayless merely uses the facade of being a Cowboys fan to generate ratings and attention. Screenshot level = Zeke Elliott. So long, Bayless.

Siegfried Prescott

The Cowboys offense may be without the services of Dez Bryant again on Sunday against the Packers, but that hasn’t seemed to affect rookie QB Dak Prescott.

Jon Machota on Twitter

Dak Prescott’s adjusted completion percentage vs Bengals: 90.5, the best single-game adjusted completion % this year

In another surgical performance against the supposedly stout Bengals defense, Prescott earned Pro Football Focus’ highest adjusted completion percentage of the season at an outstanding 90.5%.

Prescott is coming for you, Green Bay, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Prescott’s Running Mate: To the Zeke-Mobile!

Ezekiel Elliott is the best running back in the National Football League. Do not @ me unless you plan on submitting a tweet to be featured here at Inside The Star next week.

Elliott has made quite the running mate for Dak Prescott, collectively keeping this offense ahead of the chains and on the field. If you think back to draft season, in the closing days prior to Elliott’s selection, the only logical detriment to the Cowboys selecting Zeke was literally that he would score too quickly.


Well, Elliott scored pretty quickly against the Bengals on this 60-yard dash, as Dallas ran away with a 28-0 lead. Thanks to the NFL, you can now watch just how quickly Zeke torched the Bengals.

I’ve watched this about 1,000 times. You can do the same. Watch it until Sunday. Then get ready to watch it live once again.

Mo Fly Zone

How awesome is it to see a healthy and confident Morris Claiborne balling out for the Cowboys this season? The rejuvenated corner has performed as the team’s defensive MVP through five games, even being recognized as the league’s best CB by some.

FF Draft Stats on Twitter

Morris Claiborne is the top performing CB in the NFL in 2016, targeted 33 times, allowed 19 catches & 0 TD’s #Cowboys

Morris Claiborne is awesome. Aaron Rodgers has been far from awesome this season. Cowboys Nation should expect #24 to ball out once again on Sunday.

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