Tweet Break: Celebrations, Reflections, & Focus From The Dallas Cowboys


I know that you’re loyal to Inside The Star, so I also know that you know (“They don’t know we know they know we know!“) Staff Writer Sean Martin usually captains this ship.

Well as fate would have it, Sean is currently inside the locker room at Valley Ranch taking a swing at playing Middle Linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. Rolando McClain doesn’t seem to want to, so somebody’s gotta do it… right? Ba-dum-psh.

Seriously though, you open Tweet Break for games (Four Games being the sentence that DeMarcus Lawrence will officially serve alongside RoMac AND Randy Gregory) and it’s time to get down like Jay Sean did circa 2008.

Just Another Manic Monday

The 1980s were great because they gave us Back To The Future. 1986 was particularly saucy, because it was when The Bangles dropped the album Different Light.

Among many other great tracks was the classic ballad “Manic Monday.” It seems that we’re all wishing it was Sunday these days, missing our ‘Boys more and more by the second. The NFL took the opportunity to combine Sunday greatness with their “I don’t have to run” day using someone who knows a thing or two about running.

NFL on Twitter


Ezekiel Elliott Loves Life

Speaking of people who are really awesome at running… Ezekiel Elliott, ladies and gentlemen!

Katy Perry once told us that she was going to get our hearts racing in her skin tight jeans, and while Zeke is going to make our aortic pumps go wild Sundays this fall, it was his skin tight jeans last weekend that caught our attention.

That jacket is so… mustard-y? Is that a word? Can I use it? Too late.

On Wednesday Zeke traded in the mustard yellow for a ketchup red top that made him look like The Flash… against some little kids! Ezekiel Elliott, 4th Round Draft Pick and All-Around Superstar, is out here schooling kids like they’re the New York Giants (they do kinda look like the G-Men to be honest).

Tote Nation tOSU on Twitter

Zeke did NOT take it easy on the campers! #GOATcamp @EzekielElliott #SCtop10

You do you, Zeke. You do you.

You know who else said “I do.”? Dallas Cowboys Guard Ronald Leary. At his wedding. It wasn’t the Catalina Wine Mixer, but it sure looked nice.

Q Clothier on Twitter

Congrats to @RonLeary75 of the @DallasCowboys on your recent nuptial! Looking good in your @QClothier tuxedo. #tux

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ron Leary from Inside The Star!

The Cowboys Remember A Legendary Enemy

The NFL Family lost one of its most beloved members this past Tuesday when Buddy Ryan, the architect of the 1985 Super Bowl XX Champion Chicago Bears Defense, passed away at the age of 85.

This was a topic that I hit on this week’s RJOShow, but Dallas Cowboys from multiple generations took to Twitter to share their thoughts and condolences on one of the game’s more legendary and colorful figures.

Troy Aikman on Twitter

As a QB knew you were in for a long day & a lot of bruises when facing a Buddy Ryan coached defense…a defensive genius. Prayers w family.

Tony Dorsett on Twitter

Buddy Ryan was a defensive mastermind who changed the game. RIP Coach. #BuddyRyan

Cowboys Nation on Twitter

I hate to share anything with their logo but I’ll be damned if he wasn’t dead on with this.

Staying Focused

Focus, the mental state not that awful Will Smith movie, is tough to have this time of year.

Between last week’s Game Of Thrones season finale and Big Brother being back in my life, I’ve been all over the place! Thankfully, I’ve put on my best focus face for the good of Inside The Star.

The Dallas Cowboys are remaining focused as well. Mark Nzeocha, who we might need to lean on this year due to the McClain suspension, had this to say.

Mark Nzeocha on Twitter

What you do speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say #grind

This feels like one of the riddles from Saw. How can what I do speak so loudly that you can’t even hear it?! What are you talking about, Nzeocha? Either way you’re the man, go be good at football please, thanks, alright!

While I forgive #53 for omitting the “o” before the “a” in his last name (Nzeochoa would be so much better obviously), Marky Mark has the potential to be a stud in 2016. One of the members of the fun bunch who is a stud, even on a bad day, dropped some focus of his own this week.

Dez Bryant on Twitter

Nothing bold about me it’s going down #x

X marks the spot. Throw it up. Except don’t actually throw up an x. That would hurt. A lot.

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