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Tweet Break: Cowboys Come Back In San Francisco, Earn 3-1 Start

Sean Martin



The Star News - Tweet Break: Cowboys Come Back In San Francisco, Earn 3-1 Start

Yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys went on the road to play the San Francisco 49ers without the services of LT Tyron Smith, LG La'el Collins, CB Orlando Scandrick, or WR Dez Bryant. Jason Garrett's squad spotted the 49ers a 14-0 lead, but came back and got the win that they needed to cap off a tumultuous week around America's Team.

Today, on our third straight #VictoryPoloMonday, Cowboys Nation celebrates! How exactly have we been enjoying Cowboys' wins here at Inside The Star? With celebratory editions of Tweet Break, of course!

Hopefully I'm getting good at these by now, or at least better than Dallas' Head Coach when it comes to handing out high fives:

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Let's celebrate!

Ezekiel Elliott - Not a Bust

Adding to the excitement of this most recent Cowboys' win is the fact that rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott is really starting to pick things up, eating up the 49ers defense on 23 carries for 138 yards and a score.

Breaking 100 rushing yards for the second game in a row, Elliott has emphatically proven to the critics out there that he was worthy of his draft status out of Ohio State as a truly special running back - leading the league in rushing at 21 years old.

Even veteran Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki took notice of the kid's impressive day:

Dirk Nowitzki on Twitter

Let him eat....

All off season long, we looked forward to seeing Zeke turn in runs like this one, where his offensive line is able to give him a free-pass to the second level of a defense - allowing Elliott to take it from there.

Dane Brugler on Twitter

Zeke vs. DB Tartt #29 at the second level. Advantage Zeke.

Of course, as Elliott started to heat up, his offensive line took notice, feeding off the energy that this physical offense of Scott Linehan's is able to generate. Once the win was in hand, RG Zack Martin was fired up!

The sky is truly the limit for Ezekiel Elliott, off to an outstanding start through the first quarter of his first season in the league. DeMarco Murray who?

Troy Hughes™ on Twitter

Zeke Elliott is your NFL leading rusher with 412 yards; last Cowboy to lead the NFL in rushing was Demarco Murray in 2014 #DallasCowboys

Steve Noah on Twitter


Dazzling Dak Prescott Does it Again

In their previous two wins, the Dallas Cowboys had built leads for Dak Prescott to work with, allowing their defense to play to their strengths and offense to focus on running the football.

Life has been easy for Prescott, who makes even the most difficult plays look easy throughout the game - growing in front of our eyes as the rookie starting quarterback of the Cowboys.

When Dallas fell behind in this game, we all worried a little bit about Prescott and his chances to bring this team back, but sure enough he did. Is there anything this kid can't do? According to Twitter, that answer is an emphatic "no".

Zeke Best RB on Twitter

Dak Prescott nd Ezekiel Elliott

Brandon George on Twitter

Dak Prescott stopped during a middle of a TV interview to give Jerry Jones a big hug near locker room after Jerry started pointing at him.

Prescott tosses two more scoring strikes in this game, one to Terrance Williams and the other before halftime to Brice Butler - his first with the team, filling in for Dez Bryant.

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Notice all of the Cowboys' fans in attendance in this great aerial view of Butler's TD reception. Cowboys Nation is amazing, and so is this #VictoryPoloMonday. Onward!

Morris Claiborne: Mo Fly Zone

A healthy, confident Morris Claiborne is a force to be reckoned with in the National Football League. Just ask the likes of Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr., Alshon Jeffery, and Torrey Smith - all WRs that Claiborne has locked down over the past two seasons.

Smith was Claiborne's most recent match up, and Morris responded by forcing the Cowboys' first turnover of this game in a crucial spot.

NFL on Twitter

Gabbert looks DEEP down field... And @MoClaiborne picks it off! #DallasCowboys #DALvsSF

Claiborne later came up to make a big tackle on a last-ditch 49ers effort short of the sticks on fourth down, sealing the deal with a swagger that only Dallas Cowboys' faithful can appreciate - having watched Claiborne struggle so much throughout his previous years with the team.

Cowboys Nation on Twitter

So happy for Mo.

On To Cincinnati

With that, the Cowboys will look ahead to a week 5 home game against the Bengals. Cincinnati comes in as one of the most talented teams in the league, but Dallas will be looking forward to getting DE DeMarcus Lawrence back on the field - along with potentially Tyron Smith and Orlando Scandrick.

Inside The Star will prepare you as always for this next game, but for now we collectively enjoy this winning Monday feeling with you - Cowboys Nation - with this edition of Tweet Break.

Jase on Twitter

CowboysNation the #1 trend on Twitter! #Zeke

Thank you for reading, and remember that you can be featured in Tweet Break simply by using the #TweetBreak and tagging @CowboysNationI am also on Twitter @ShoreSportsNJ, so come have a good time talking about the greatest football team in the world!

Tell us what you think about "Tweet Break: Cowboys Come Back In San Francisco, Earn 3-1 Start" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.

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Linebacker Group Key to Cowboys’ Defensive Success in 2018

John Williams



Less Is More For Sean Lee And Cowboys' LBs?

In 2017, it was evident just how much the Dallas Cowboys were hurt by their lack of linebacker depth. When Sean Lee and Anthony Hitchens were injured, especially Lee, the defense struggled. Look to the games against the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Rams and it's easy to see just how ineffective the defense was without their top two linebackers.

With more and more teams employing RPO and read-option concepts, more is expected of linebackers as they read the quarterback.

With teams like the Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans all on the 2018 schedule, the Dallas Cowboys' linebacker corp is going to have their hands full each and every week defending quarterbacks who are really good at utilizing these concepts.

While the edge defenders are instrumental in containing the run concepts in the read-option and RPO, the linebackers are the next line of defense against the run and their discipline in the run-pass action is monumental to defending the passing concept of the RPO.

Jeff Ratcliffe from Pro Football Focus broke down who the best and worst teams using RPOs were in 2017 by quarterback yards per attempt and quarterback yards per carry.

The Philadelphia Eagles ran the most RPOs and, as Ratcliffe described in his article, "For Doug Pederson, no run concept could not have an RPO attached to it."

The Kansas City Chiefs were second in the NFL in the amount of RPOs utilized with quarterback Alex Smith, now with the Washington Redskins, under center. Speaking of the Redskins, with Kirk Cousins at quarterback, they accrued the highest yards per attempt of any team in the NFL when throwing out of an RPO.

So, if you do the math, you can bet that the Washington Redskins will utilize a lot of RPO and read-option concepts in their offensive game plan.

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, the Cowboys' week one opponent, ran RPOs the fourth most of any team in the NFL and had 5.5 yards per carry when Cam Newton kept the ball himself. Cam is one of the best running quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Newton is the only quarterback since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970 to rush for double-digit rushing touchdowns twice in his career. Before he did it in 2011, no quarterback had accomplished the feat since Daunte Culpepper in 2002. The Dallas Cowboys and their front seven will have their hands full containing Newton in week one.

Also according to PFF's Ratcliffe, the New York Giants were the fifth best team in 2017 when the quarterback decided to keep the ball and run as they averaged 5.5 yards per carry out of RPOs. That has to be the most shocking element of his post. When you think of Eli Manning, you don't think of a running quarterback.

That just shows you how effective the RPO and read-option can be in the NFL.

With the speed of the game light years faster than it was 20 or 30 years ago, teams are having to use more and more misdirection to gain an edge in the run and pass game.

Another team on the Dallas Cowboys schedule was very effective throwing out of RPOs: the Jacksonville Jaguars. In the AFC Championship Game, they made a lot of headway against the New England Patriots using this concept.

Mike Renner on Twitter

Will be interesting to see how the Pats gameplan for the Eagles RPOs. Jaguars shredded them with same RPO 4 times in first half last week

In 2017, the Jaguars averaged 8.2 yards per attempt, the fifth best number in the NFL, just 0.3 yards per attempt behind the Philadelphia Eagles, who were fourth in the league when throwing out of RPOs.

This note from Jeff, I found particularly interesting:

"When the quarterback did pull, league-wide last year, the average yards per attempt was 6.52 and there was a 78.8 completion percentage. Once again, easy money."

Jeff Ratcliffe - Pro Football Focus

Most of the NFL is beginning to employ more and more RPO and read-option concepts into their offensive game plans, making the defense's job a lot more challenging. Especially at the linebacker level.

No longer can the linebacker just simply read run or pass based on the way the quarterback drops or turns to hand off, but they have to determine:

  • Is the quarterback giving the ball to the runner?
  • If the quarterback kept it, is he looking to run?
  • If he's going to pass, where's the ball going?

All of that has to be decided within one to two seconds of the play. A linebacker is taught to read and react to the play as quickly as possible, which can create a significant advantage for the offense if the linebacker reads wrong.

The whole point of the read-option and the RPO is to create a lose-lose situation for the defense.

No matter what they do, it's a wrong choice.

If they read pass and drop into coverage, the ball carrier gets an advantage as he begins to go downhill. If the linebacker reads run and begins to attack the line of scrimmage, the QB pulls it and throws it to the spot vacated by the linebacker.

Having linebackers with elite athleticism, range, and coverage ability, like the Dallas Cowboys do in Sean Lee and potentially Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch, will help them minimize the damage potential as they face increasing RPO usage.

Even if we talk about standard run and pass play calls, the defense was a much better unit when Sean Lee and Anthony Hitchens were in the game. Points per game, rushing yards per game, and passing yards per game were all lower when those two were available. When the team had to rely on Jaylon Smith and Damien Wilson as their top two linebackers, they were lit up like a pinball machine.

The Cowboys hope Jaylon Smith can return to the All-American type of player he was with Notre Dame, but if he doesn't, Vander Esch is a good insurance policy for 2019.

The Boise State product is good in the run game, but he excels in the passing game when he drops into coverage.

Having three linebackers that can play the run and pass like these three potentially can will be a huge key to the Dallas Cowboys success on defense in 2018. They will make life a lot easier for the rest of the defense if they are able to maintain play discipline against the read-option and the run-pass option.

Having these three linebackers and their dual-threat ability in the run and pass game will help the Dallas Cowboys be in far less lose-lose situations than they might otherwise be. And for the Dallas Cowboys to achieve the goals the hope to achieve, namely a sixth Lombardi Trophy, these three will be the key to that success.

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Can TE Rico Gathers be More Than a Just Receiving Threat?

Brian Martin



Rico Gathers, Rams

Rico Gathers is trying to follow in the footsteps of Tony Gonzales, Antonio Gates, and Jimmy Graham as someone who has successfully made the transition from college basketball player to tight end in the NFL. Unfortunately, that transition hasn't gone quite as smoothly as he probably would've hoped.

To date, Gathers really hasn't been able to put a lot on tape. He spent his rookie season on the practice squad with the Dallas Cowboys, but did gain some valuable experience working with Tony Romo. Last year he was just beginning to show what kind of threat he could be in the passing game when he unfortunately sustained a concussion in practice, pretty much ending his season.

As you can imagine, Rico Gathers still has a lot to prove heading into the 2018 season. In no way is his roster spot guaranteed right now. He may still be the most talented and physically gifted TE on the Cowboys roster, but that will only get him so far.

I for one think Gathers can be a tremendous threat in the passing game. I think the flashes we saw in preseason a year ago are exactly the kind of weapon he can turn into for Dak Prescott. He is even working a route running guru, David Robinson, to become even better in the passing game. But, we all know the Cowboys coaching staff demands a lot more from their tight ends.

Rico Gathers, Dalton Schultz

Dallas Cowboys TE Rico Gathers

In the Cowboys offensive scheme, the tight end is an important position. They have to be able to block in several different areas depending on the formation, especially at the point of attack as an in-line blocker, sometimes being left one on one against a defensive end. That means they have to be assignment sound pre and post snap, with the ability to make the right adjustments in a split second.

For Rico Gathers, this is the area of his game holding him back the most right now. We all know what kind of threat he can be in the passing game, but the Cowboys coaching staff wants someone they can trust to leave on the field down after down. This is where Gathers will have to prove himself the remainder of the offseason.

The Dallas Cowboys knew Rico Gathers was a developmental prospect when they drafted him in the sixth-round of the 2016 NFL Draft. They didn't know how long it would take for him to be be able to contribute, but that time may be running out. Year 3 could be his last chance to prove himself in Dallas.

Gathers is a mismatch player in the passing game against smaller defensive backs, but that might not be enough for the Cowboys coaching staff to keep him around. I would personally get him involved in the receiving game, especially with all the new faces Prescott will be throwing to this season, but unfortunately I'm not making those decisions.

Do you think Rico Gathers is more than just a passing game threat?

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Tony Romo Documentary in the Works

Jess Haynie



Cowboys Blog - 5 Most Heartbreaking Losses Of The Tony Romo Era

If you've missed seeing Tony Romo on the field, an upcoming documentary may be the cure. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback is reportedly the subject of a film chronicling his football career going all the way back to high school.

"Now or Never" will tell Romo's incredible story, going from undrafted to one of the top passers in the history of the Cowboys' storied franchise. It's being produced by a Texas-based company run by Christian Hanna (no known relation to James).

According to an article from, Romo's hometown newspaper, the tale of Tony's football career will be told going back to his days at Burlington High School in Wisconsin. It will follow him to Eastern Illinois University, the same QB hotbed that more recently produced Jimmy Garoppolo.

But what most of us will want to relive is Tony's amazing NFL career, which stands out among the most unexpected rises to stardom of any player in league history.

Romo, who was an undrafted free agent signed by the Cowboys in 2003, didn't play in a game for three seasons. He rose the QB depth chart through practice and preseason play, eventually becoming the backup and earning the respect of then-coach Bill Parcells.

 - Tony Romo, #9

Former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo

In Week 7 of 2006, Parcells pulled struggling starter Drew Bledsoe at halftime and went with his intriguing young prospect. Tony's first pass in the NFL was one to forget; an interception.

About a decade later, Romo would retire as the Cowboys' all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. He currently ranks fourth all-time in NFL history for passer rating.

Tony's career never saw the playoff and Super Bowl success of predecessors Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach, but he remains a beloved figure in team history. The controversial end to his football career, losing his job to rookie phenom Dak Prescott in 2016, created a major rift among Cowboys fans.

While no longer playing, Romo remains one of the hottest names in football. His charisma and football acumen have him in a featured role with CBS Broadcasting.

From obscurity to "anointing oil" to one of the most discussed names in sports, Tony Romo's story is fascinating. This documentary crew picked a great subject, and we look forward to enjoying their work and revisiting the Romo Era once the film is released.

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