Tweet Break: Dez Bryant Speaks Out on Missing Meetings, Medical Treatment

It is Friday, the Dallas Cowboys are playing football this weekend, and every weekend for the foreseeable future, and you are just here to take in some tweets from the vast world of Cowboys Nation and get fired up for game day.

However, a celebratory Tweet Break will have to wait until another #VictoryPoloMonday, as there are just two tweets that need to be brought to the forefront on a topic we have been beaten down with this week.

Dez Bryant, a perceived leader on this team as one of the most talented wide receivers in the sport, took to our favorite take-machine to settle down the distraction he has created himself by refusing to show up for MRIs and team meetings scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

Dez Bryant Speaks Out

Dez Bryant on Twitter

I made a poor decision based on how I felt about my knee coach JG addressed it to me and I understood the consequences….

Head Coach Jason Garrett tried to protect his player, which is something that men that call themselves Dallas Cowboys respect out of their leader. Garrett could only do so much in this situation, as #88 was going to be called upon to comment at some point. Yesterday afternoon, this was his first take on the situation.

In an attempt to allow his team to move on and focus on the task at hand this Sunday, the focus now shifts to Bryant’s status for this game – and the upcoming games that the Cowboys may face without their best outside play maker.

Bryant Updates Injury Status In Midst of Uncertainty

Dez Bryant on Twitter

Day to day… got great feedback from Dr Andrews today

Will Carroll on Twitter

Ok – Dez Bryant’s fracture is on the tibia. Unclear where on the tibia, so let’s not call it a tibial plateau injury, even tho most likely.

Bryant reported himself that his MRI results received positive feedback from Dr. Andrews. We’ve known for some time now what exactly his injury is, and with this news from Bryant, we can expect the original estimation of one to three weeks of downtime to hold up.

The team is fully prepared for life without Dez against the 49ers, but tough games against the Bengals and at the Packers await. Regardless of outcome, Dallas will then head into the bye, possibly coming out of it in week 8 with Tony Romo at quarterback and a inspired Dez Bryant across from him.

The Cowboys should have a bright future ahead of them, another #VictoryPoloMonday awaits us in just three days, and Dez Bryant will be back to being Dez Bryant in no time.

How ’bout them Cowboys?

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