Tweet Break: Dez Bryant’s Progress, Other Camp Sights as Cowboys Prepare for LA

The Dallas Cowboys play a football game tomorrow. THE DALLAS COWBOYS PLAY A FOOTBALL GAME TOMORROW! While it may just be the preseason opener, any resemblance of the 2016 Cowboys taking the field for a game should have excited – especially with so many players fighting for positions at the bottom of the roster.

In this week's Tweet Break, we'll take a look at some more updates from the Cowboys in , as they prepare for this first preseason game against the Rams.

Dez Bryant Doing Dez Things

With the Cowboys offense expected to do great things this season thanks to their and , Dez Bryant should surely be in a prime position to reclaim his dominance after being held back by injuries in 2015.

These injuries forced Bryant to have to shake off some rust at the start of camp, but as you'll see in the next tweets, #88 is gearing up and ready to go.

Not only can Bryant burn defenses on both long and short passes, but he is fully embracing the presence that rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott will bring to this team.

Tony Romo – Captain of America's Team

With the officially getting underway with its first game tomorrow, now is as good of a time as ever to show some love for starting QB Tony Romo. Not only has Romo been preparing for his own return from , but Tony even recently gave us this epic appearance in a new NFL Sunday Ticket commercial. 

Well, Michael Irvin, who is staying at NFL Network, visited Cowboys camp and had some pretty bold observations – such as this one about Romo. Of course, Irvin does have a of defending #9 for the Dallas Cowboys on the biggest stages:


Tony Romo, along with Dez Bryant and now even Ezekiel Elliott, is part of the reason why the Cowboys are such a talked-about team. Love or hate anybody that wears , the truth of the matter is that NFL fans know all about what the Cowboys' star represents – which is the greatest and most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Adding to this praise was Colin Cowherd, who listed the Cowboys on his list of eight total teams in all of American sports that can maintain popularity through all circumstances.

The and were the other two NFL teams to make this list along with the Dallas Cowboys, and both teams will host Dallas in their buildings this season. 

It's Time for Football, Rico Gathers

Sixth-round pick Rico Gathers is quickly becoming a fan favorite for Cowboys' fans – as the converted Baylor basketball player has been outspoken on Twitter about his process in trying to earn a spot on the team as a .

Last week, we checked in on him running through strange Mike Pope drills, and now just hours before his first NFL game he is going back to his roots and discussing who he would take as his starting five for a basketball game out of the Cowboys' roster.

Two of Gathers' five picks were players covered here on Tweet Break – WR Dez Bryant and QB Tony Romo.

Let's hope that not only Rico Gathers, but all of the Cowboys making the trip to Los Angeles are ready to go tomorrow night! The spotlights will be on as the game is airing on , with the Rams making their return to Los Angeles in style.

Enjoy the game, and be sure to send in any tweets that you may see while watching it or throughout the week to be featured here by emailing!

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Sean Martin

Written by Sean Martin

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